Honor the Earth With an Earth Day Ritual

Honor the Earth with an Earth Day Ritual

Our Earth is a sacred space of ever-renewing life. It provides us with fertile soil, which bears us with fruitful foods, air for birds to soar in; it enables gardens to flourish with flowers, fills our rivers, lakes and oceans with endless water and is vital for our abundant life. Each day, we must honor the earth and thank it for all it provides for us.

On April 22nd we celebrate our world with Earth Day. It’s a day when our countries come together as one to honor our planet, our home. It’s a reminder for all of us that we are all connected and rooted into the same grounds so we must preserve, protect and act in earth-friendly ways.

Earth Day is a beautiful time for us to become more consciously aware that we are a part of something larger, and by reconnecting to our roots using crystals, it can strengthen our relationship with one another and the world, both spiritually and magically. Crystals are derived from the Earth and are a literal interpretation of this magnificent mass we accompany. By incorporating them with our Earth Day ritual it further enhances the energetic power we offer to our planet.

Below is a simple ritual you can perform in your own environment in to honor the earth on this special day:

Honor the Earth Ritual

  1. On Earth Day, select a crystal or tumbled stone from your collection that you feel called to give back to Mother Earth.
  2. Step outside into nature and close your eyes. Let go of all other every day thoughts and take a moment to center yourself, entering a meditative state.
  3. Set an intention, prayer or eco-related vow for the Earth while holding your crystal or tumbled stone. For example, “Mother Earth, everything is dependent on you and today I honor you. I pledge to cherish you, respect you and recognize the simple beauty in all that you bring to my life.”  Or “I’m here on this Earth to bring more grace, peace and love into this world.”
  4. Bury your crystal into the ground to devote that prayer, intention, or vow to the Earth.
  5. Lastly, share your intention with the world – journal about it, tell your neighbors, or repeat this ritual with friends and family to spread the positive, universal energy that has reconnected you to our sacred home.

Use this ritual anytime you want to show your gratitude for Mother Nature.

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  • Reply April 22, 2017

    sebastiano abate

    wow a such glorification in the name of mother earth bhumi devi is a very special service to god also because they are eternally connected i agreed with this respect for mother earth god bless thank you bye sebastian

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