Holiday Party Ideas that Celebrate Wellness

Holiday Party Ideas that Celebrate Wellness

Elements of the wellness lifestyle that are already hard to keep up with—diet, exercise, meditation and intellectual stimulation—can be downright impossible to maintain during the busy holiday season. Suddenly, you’re healthy summer glow is gone and a carb-tastic bulge from too many holiday treats has taken its place. This season, why not use your holiday party as a chance to exhibit some fun, new activities that put a wellness twist on festive traditions? Not only can these activities give your friends and loved ones great ideas on how to implement wellness into their own lives, it will also provide fodder for what creativity they can bring to their own holiday party ideas. By giving your guests a taste of nutritional treats, aromatherapy, meditation and how to create their own winter-themed, spa day essentials you are giving them the best gift of all—a healthy lifestyle!

In your invitation, let your guests know that this is going to be a different kind of throw down, a mindful holiday gathering. All they’ll need to bring is a bottle of their favorite kombucha, and a crystal they feel needs a new home and owner, and are ready to let go of. Guests should arrive with an open mind, and prepare to leave with an uplifted spirit! Here are some of our favorite holiday party ideas that celebrate wellness:

Wellness Themed Holiday Party Ideas

Take a Crystal, Leave a Crystal

Does anyone really like white elephant gift exchanges? For a game that always seems to leave someone disappointed, someone offended and few feeling like they got what they wanted, this game resurfaces every winter as sure as cool temperatures and ugly sweaters. Instead, give white elephant the crystal treatment. This is where the healing crystals that you asked your guests to bring will come into play. Set up a small table near the entryway to your home, and place a cute sign above it that reads: Take a Crystal, Leave a Crystal. When your guests arrive, instruct them to add their contribution to the crystallized library. After everyone has participated, cleanse all the crystals with burning sage. When your guest leave, let them peruse the table to see what crystal speaks to them and help them program their new sparkly gift! And let’s be honest, a wellness party with a crystal takeaway is the best kind of holiday party.

An Intention Tree

Or, a tree of dares if you’re looking to spice things up. The intention tree is a fun way to see what goals and aspirations your friends can come up with for the new year. Create a number of paper ornaments with strings attached to them, and set a pen next to it. Have your guests write down a resolution or intention, or a dare if you’re doing the new year dare tree, and hang the ornament on the tree with the resolution pointed inward so it’s not visible. When everyone has written down in intention, tell them to take one off of the tree. Depending on how creative your guests got with their resolutions, this game can get pretty interesting, pretty quick. Plus, it will help join together guests who may not have met yet.

Holiday Party Ideas that Celebrate WellnessKombucha Tasting

Instead of doing a wine tasting, this is a cheaper and more healthy alternative to try. Gather the guests contributions to kombucha collection, and separate them into flavors. All of the gingers in one section, apples in another, pomegranate in another and so on. Once you have them all categorized, place little signs indicating the flavor next to the grouping, and give guests small disposable cups that they can use to taste different flavors they may not have tried before!

Make Your Own Winter Face Scrub

With just a few ingredients, your guests can whip up their own face scrub to combat that dry winter skin with lush winter ingredients. Set out a big bowl of raw sugar, baking soda, a bottle of vanilla, a bottle of honey, a bowl of coffee grounds, virgin coconut oil and various essential oils that are winter scented (i.e. spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc.) Provide a set of small jars for them to place their ingredients into, and guide them in how to mix the ingredients. When including the essential oil, remember to not use any spiced oils as these can irritate the skin, and don’t forget to remind your guests that less is more.

Create a Quiet Space Just for Meditation

This space is for those looking for a little solitude from the loud party vibes. It can also be a nice sacred space for introverts or people who find parties to sometimes be stressful. Set the room up with very soft lighting. Himalayan salt lamps are a nice way to create soft lighting, and set a soothing tone for the room. Sprinkle the floor with pillows and rugs, light some incense and play calming music. Let guess know that this room is available if they need to take a break, meditate or want a quiet place to read.

Nutritious Holiday Treats

Instead of setting out a bunch of sugary, fattening foods, offer a spread that is conscious of your guest’s nutritional needs. For that red, white and green christmas flare, make some caprese skewers. Pattern out cherry tomatoes, basil leaves and mozzarella balls along the skewer. Pile the skewers on a serving platter, and allow the guests to drizzle on their own balsamic reduction. For dessert, try a more health-conscious recipe of holiday bark. A white chocolate holiday bark that uses almonds, unsweetened coconut, rice cereal, dried cranberries, white chocolate and vegetable oil will only have 142 calories, but will be rich in antioxidants.

Gift Bags

Give your guests some tokens of wellness that they can use to inspire them to stick with the healthy lifestyle even during the holidays. You can include any little mementos in these bags, such as a bottle of kombucha, herbs, chamomile tea bags, essential oils, incense and tumbled stones.

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