Healing with Crystals in Your Home

healing with crystals

Healing crystals are an amazing healing tool. Laying them on your body immediately shifts you into a different state. Tumbled stones have unique properties and each feels completely different. Some are heavy and help you ground into the Earth. Some healing stones are light and sparkly, and when they touch your skin, its as if you have been wrapped in the wings of an angel. How can healing with crystals do that? Miraculous things happen when we allow ourselves to go within; when we allow ourselves the time and space to feel and heal.

Healing with crystals

Place your healing crystals over your heart chakra, throat chakra & third eye.

Laying tumbled stones on certain energy points and chakras brings us back to center and back into balance. Placing stones on your body or meditating with crystals is a quick and easy way to benefit from crystal energy. Here is a formula for healing with crystals that you can do in 10 minutes or less in your home to bring your upper chakras–heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra–into alignment.

Green Fuchsite is a magical stone. When you hold it in your hands, its as if you have entered the world of fairies; a world so far away and mystical, where magic resides. It brings the magic of the love, the magic of wishes coming true and the magic of playfulness and laughter. Laying a Fuchsite Stone over your heart opens you up to remembering that magic resides within you. The answers you seek are inside. The invisible world of energy is not always seen, but it lets its presence be known to us in many other ways. However, to hear its wisdom, we must be open to receiving it. Chrysocolla is a stone of communication. Its blue and green swirls remind us to speak with love, as words are powerful. When placed over the throat chakra, healing with these crystals transforms darkness into light. Blue Lace Agate is soothing, peaceful and tranquil. It is a healing crystal for the third eye chakra, helping to bring the chatter of the mind to stillness. Selenite crystals help to clear and cleanse your energy field, ensuring that there are no energy blockages. Place several above your head to cleanse and clear your personal energy. Lay with your tumbled stones on your chakras for at least 8-10 minutes. Trust your intuition; you can remain there for longer.

Healing with crystals is simple and easy; all it takes is time. Place some healing stones on your body at the end of your yoga class during savasana, or while laying in bed, before you go to sleep to unwind from the day. Love is in the Earth. Tap into its magic and heal your spirit with crystals and crystal energy.

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    Clear Quartz placed in the Career area of your home can assist intuition and persuade in making right career decisions.
    Placing a Jade item in the East of the home is said to impart long life, health, wealth, kindness and worldly knowledge.

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