How Healing Crystals Changed My Life

How Healing Crystals Changed My Life

Discover the therapeutic benefits of gemstones from the inspiring true stories of spiritual seekers, gem experts, and healers from around the world who have changed their lives with healing crystals.

For Kaila Yu, a Los Angeles blogger known for her popular lifestyle blog, the incorporation of gemstones into her daily life took her meditation practice to a whole new level. After only a few crystal-healing sessions, she began to see positive changes in her mind/body balance. When she used the popular clear quartz, her energy levels increased, but she also noticed that she was more in touch with her emotions. “I have always been very emotionally closed off, so much that I am not even able to always identify my feelings. Crystals help to remove some of my self doubt so that I’m more open and compassionate towards myself, therefore allowing myself to experience deeper emotions,” she says.

Spirituality, natural living, and parenting expert at, December Fields-Bryant has used crystals for healing and divination in her everyday routine and in her career as a tarot reader and spirituality writer. Her major healing breakthrough happened after she suffered a miscarriage on Christmas 2013. “I did self Reiki treatments and meditations with larimar, the mothering stone, as well as rose quartz, a gentle stone for love, to nurture myself through,” she says. Today, she always carries healing crystals with her or has them in her space for healing and protection from negative energy.

For jewelry designer Jacquie Bird, owner of SilkWire Jewelry, crystals were also an essential component to her healing process. “I used fluorite to stabilize and slow down the bone loss in my mouth due to periodontal disease,” she says. She also healed her painful sciatica with calcite and selenite.

Another inspiring story comes from Laura Ellis, gem expert and owner of When this Australian native headed to New York City five years ago, her dream job as a management consultant with top players turned into daily misery and stress. “I was in a really toxic environment. Heck, I was getting injections in my back because the situation manifested into so much physical pain. I could barely move my head,” she says. A friend suggested that she carry healing crystals with her as a reminder of what she was going to focus on and bring into her life. “I started hiding healing crystals in my bra like my own secret weapon. One thing led to another and I designed a crystal bra clip. There were a few too many crystals-falling-out-of-bra moments!” Ellis says. What started out as a fun way to cope in a negative work environment has turned into a successful jewelry line that integrates healing gemstones into the designs.

There are hundreds of different types of crystals, but for P. Weekes of Green World, tourmaline is her gem of shining honor. “I’ve used tourmaline in my everyday life for the past few years and I cannot imagine my life without it,” she says. The semi-precious stone is known as the electric stone because it has the ability to generation negative ions and infrared rays. As a result, tourmaline has the incredible ability to assist in the detoxification process of the human body. Weekes has experienced life changing effects with products infused with tourmaline powder. “These products help to dilate the blood capillaries, thus promoting blood circulation, enhancing nutrient delivery, and increasing oxygen supply,” she says. Weekes also uses tourmaline to ease neck pain, soothe sore throats, and boost overall well being.

Not only can healing crystals heal emotions and cure illnesses, but they also work well with the art of Feng Shui for clearing, purifying, and grounding activation areas within the home. Amira Celon, a psychic medium and expert in esoteric arts, places smoky quartz crystal points at each of the four directions around her bed. “It helps increase balance, abundance, and good health as well as attracting a love partner,” she says. By clearing mental and emotional blockages, smoky quartz enhances healthy communication between couples.

When it comes to crystal healing, experts and enthusiasts always encourage intuition and inner wisdom. For Paulette Sherman, psychologist and author of The Book of Sacred Baths: 52 Bathing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit, her school of rock came from the magical combination of water and stones. Her secret formula starts with taking a twenty-minute ritual bath with Epsom salts, a selection of favorite essential oils, and a gemstone. “Choose a crystal which magnifies and matches your intention, a process that will increase mental clarity, inspire creativity, and provide guidance,” Sherman says.

Whether it’s used for increasing energy levels, healing emotional wounds, or specific physical ailments, learn how to channel the prehistoric energy of crystals from the real-life experiences of experts and enthusiasts.

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