Everything You Need to Start a Healing Crystal Journey

Healing Crystals

We’ve seen such a rise in popularity of healing crystals. More and more people are coming to us to start their healing crystal journey. And while they are filled with intrigue and excitement, they are also overwhelmed by the hundreds of crystals and what exactly they need to do with them. Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse, sat down and made this mini guide with everything you need to know to get started, so you can finally know exactly what to do with your rock collection. 

Crystals are little (or sometimes large) pieces of the earth. They hold thousands of years of Earth’s history in them. They’re often called stone people or wisdom keepers because of all the information they hold within them. Something about these beautiful stones attracted every ancient civilization to work with their energy in some way. By doing so, they found guidance in their lives directly from the Earth, which is what crystal-lovers and spirit-seekers are looking for today.

But crystals are no longer left for those who felt connected to the ancient wisdom. They are now infused in beauty products, displayed in homes and yoga studios, and crafted into beautiful jewelry because of their healing energy. From holistic healers to those who have never meditated a day in their life, more and more people are crossing over to the crystal side.

Some people may think that healing crystals are too out there or that they are magic. But healing crystals are simply the tools we use to heal and transform our energy. They aren’t magic and they aren’t all rainbows and unicorns. These stones have profound healing effects and will bring up the darkest aspects of yourself so you can heal and transform. So before you rule out crystals as a way to heal the mind and body, be open to giving them a try yourself.

If you’re interested in welcoming some more spirituality and positive energy into your life, consider this your beginner’s guide to all things crystal:

Step 1: Find Your Connection with A Crystal

Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming, and the same is true for crystals. You may have the “this is it” feeling the minute you lay eyes on a certain crystal, or it may take you a bit longer to connect with one. Even if two crystals might look similar in color, shape, and size, it does not mean that they will have the same energetic effect on you.

Like people, each crystal is unique and has a different story to tell. Selenite brings mental clarity and dispels negative energy from the body, while citrine is perfect for manifesting intentions. Each stone has its own vibrational blueprint, so take the time to shop around for different types before you decide which one is perfect for you.

We always tell our customers to focus on a crystal’s color, shape, and size first rather than its healing properties. More often than not, the crystal they are drawn to visually possesses exactly the energy they need. If you’re able to shop in person rather than on the Internet, be sure to hold the crystal in your hands for a few moments so you can truly feel its energetic effect on you.

Step 2: Cleanse and Recharge Crystal Energy

Once you’ve picked out your crystal, it’s important that you cleanse it to clear away all the energy of the many hands that touched it before you. I like to run a new crystal under clean water and then place it outside under the sun or moon for a few hours. Then, I’ll light some sage or loose frankincense on a charcoal and infuse the crystal in the sacred smoke. Lastly, to clear any lingering or stagnant energy in the crystal, I place it in a room with high-vibrational music playing. I find this simple four-step process of water, sun or moon energy, sacred smoke, and music cleanses the crystals on a multi-vibrational level.

Step 3: Set Your Intention with the Crystal’s Energy

This is the fun part — setting your intention in line with the energy of the crystal. The power in this simple ritual resides in you, not the crystal. It’s important to hold the crystal in your hands or to touch it if it’s a larger stone. Sit quietly and breathe. Connect to your breath, your faith, the Earth that you live on, and the stone that you are touching. For some this is a time for prayer; for others it’s one to clear the mind and simply be. State what you want to manifest in your life. You can say this silently to yourself, but I’ve found that speaking it aloud creates a more powerful energy.

The crystal energy of the Earth is a tool to help you become more centered, grounded, and balanced. When you manifest from this vibration, magical things happen.

Step 4: Connect to the Crystal Energy Daily

There are dozens of ways you can use crystals, so use your intuition to tell you what works best for you. You can hold them in your hands while meditating, place them under your pillow at night for restful dreams, or put a stone on each of your chakras to become aligned and balanced. The list is endless so be creative, connect, and tap in.

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    In the whole process, choosing the right crystal is the most daunting task. The best way out is to let yourself free. You may find yourself drawn to a particular crystal. It can be its feel, color, shape or quality attracting your. You can go for it. In case, many crystals allure you, check by holding them and feel the vibrations.

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