Meet Gypsy Chef, David Myers

Meet our very talented and dear friend, David Myers, creator of culinary experiences. David is well-versed in culture and cuisine. As the Gypsy Chef, his enthusiasm for storytelling and global travel is shared in unforgettable, delicious ways. His curiosity takes him to far-reaching places–physically, professionally and creatively.

HEADSHOT-DAVID-MYERSThrough his travels, David has created a collection of experiences that express his respect and love for the colorful cultures of the world. His imagination and inspiration excite both food lovers and critics. Hinoki & the Bird, Sona, Comme Ça, Pizzeria Ortica, and in Tokyo, SOLA and David Myers Café, are carefully curated, from the interior and feel to the menus, music and ingredients. Traversing the world to explore modern approaches to both old and new school cuisine is his first love. Surfing and classic jazz are close seconds.

David’s wanderlust is present and felt in the unique flavors he brings to all of his concepts. His newest a venture, Hinoki and the Bird, captures the beauty of east and west combined. Inspired by his travels to Japan and southeast Asia, the menu of small plates has been designed specifically for sharing. Along with Executive Chef Kuniko Yagi, the highly curated experience has been widely recognized as one of the best restaurants in Los Angles, with numerous awards for food and design. Perhaps summed up best by one critic’s review, “the food, with its extreme attention to appearance and touch and taste is remarkable. You won’t just taste it, you’ll also see it, feel it and breathe it in.”



David’s achievements, ideas and food are remarkable and absolutely incredible. You must experience it for yourself! Take a look at his newly launched website here, and explore his vision. If you are local to Los Angeles, try one of his amazing restaurants. You will be blown away by not only his food, but the incredible ambiance of each restaurant as they truly tell a story.


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