Grounding Your Energy with Hematite

Do you ever feel like you are all over the place and just can’t get it together? This often happens when we are not grounded. Grounding helps your body and root chakra connect with the energy of the Earth. By grounding yourself, you claim ownership of your energy. You feel balanced, centered and ready to accomplish any task.

Grounding your energy is a simple process. The easiest way to do this is to take off your shoes and socks, and stand or walk barefoot on the Earth. You can also hug a rooted tree with your bare hands and arms. But what about when you are stuck in the office or busy running errands, without the ability or time to just be in nature?


This is where wearing a piece of Energy Muse jewelry can help you! Our Grounding pieces are something that you can wear everyday to help you remain balanced and centered. Hematite is the most powerful stone for Grounding. It is a very protective stone that helps you to stay grounded in any situation.  It absorbs all negative energy from your body, calming you in times of stress of worry. When Hematite touches your skin, you immediately feel a shift in energy. You feel more balanced, stable and centered as soon as you put your piece on. It also will help you find your own, unique talents by releasing and lifting any self-imposed limitations. Here are some of our favorite Energy Muse Grounding pieces:

  • Grounding Anklet: This piece connects you to the energy of the Earth immediately when you put it on, due to its close proximity to the ground. It is made with magnetic Hematite which is the most grounding and powerful type of Hematite.
  • Grounding Bracelet & Necklace: These grounding pieces combine the energies of Hematine, Jasper and the Chinese Coin to reconnect you with the vibrations of the Earth. They help you to feel grounded, balanced and recharged at all times of the day.
  • Stability Wrap for Women and Men: These stability pieces incorporate a powerful pattern of Hematine and Jasper to create a strong combination for focus and centering. When combined with the energy of Hematine, Jasper radiated a strong grounding energy to connect you to the Earth on a deeper level.
  • Grounding Crystal Bag: This crystal bag comes with 7 stability stones to connect you to the Earth. Hematite connects and grounds you to the Earth. Smoky Quartz helps you to remain balanced. Bloodstone removes all energy blockages and stagnant energy. Black Tourmalinated Quartz helps you to achieve overall balance. Black Onyx removes and transmutes any unwanted or negative energy. Red Jasper brings stability and security.

Once you choose the Grounding piece that is right for you, try this simple grounding exercise when wearing it: Visualize roots streaming from the bottom of your feet, growing downward and hooking you deep into the core of the Earth. Breathe and visualize all the negativity, anxiety and blockages flowing down through the roots and dissolving into the Earth. Visualize green healing light coming back up the roots through the soles of your feet, running up your legs to your groin and filling you with healing, vibrating energy. Stephanie, from Mama & Baby Love, talks about some wonderful ways to ground and protect your energy in one of her latest posts.


  • Reply May 23, 2014

    Sash Resoff

    An anklet is great for those if us who cannot wear bracelets or necklaces at work 🙂

  • Reply April 11, 2015


    are you able to take it off when you work out and still recieve its energy?
    is the method the same as if one kept the muse in their bag, car, pocket, etc?

    • Reply April 12, 2015


      If you still want to receive the energy of the Hematite when you work out, you could keep a hematite stone in your pocket while working out, or place your bracelet close to you while you are working out. The grounding energy of the hematite will be much stronger wearing it than keeping it in your bag or pocket. It is the most beneficial when it touches your skin!

  • Reply November 11, 2015


    I am Amazed! 🙂

  • […] typical grounding stones are black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz, red jasper, and tiger […]

  • Ha, here from bing, this is what i was browsing for.

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