Gratitude Meditation with a Mind Jar

Gratitude Meditation, Mind Jar

One way to work with intentions is to live as if you’ve already achieved whatever your intention may be. By invoking the emotions you would feel if you attained your intention, you feel motivated by the knowing you have the capability to reach your intention.

Each morning, practice this simple gratitude meditation using a Magical Mind Jar to give energy to your intentions and to practice daily gratitude for achieving your intentions. A magical mind jar acts as a constant reminder to live as if you’ve already manifested your intention.

How to use a Mind Jar for a Gratitude Meditation

  1. Remove the glitter and penny from the jar.
  2. Hold the penny in your hand and think about what you are most grateful for. This would be the time to think as if you’ve already manifested your intention, so being grateful for achieving your intention and all that encompasses is a powerful way to think about it.
  3. Place the penny in your Magical Mind Jar.
  4. Close your eyes and think about one of the emotions that would come with achieving your intention. Take a moment here to focus on your breath and fully embody that emotion.
  5. Open your eyes and pick the color of glitter that best represents the emotions you invoked, and add the glitter to the Magical Mind Jar.
  6. Repeat this again, focusing on a different emotion and picking another color to represent it.
  7. Once you have practiced embodying all the emotions associated with achieving your intention, add water to your Magical Mind Jar and seal it tightly.
  8. Shake the jar and watch as the emotions and intention swirl around. Focus on the different colors of glitter and feel those emotions in your body. As the glitter settles, deepen you breath and quiet your mind along with  it.
  9. Reconnect with the feelings of gratitude you have for all that accomplishing your intention has brought.
  10. 10. Practice the gratitude meditation each morning, shaking the jar and bringing those emotions and gratitude to the surface, and notice how working with your intention deepens.

This daily gratitude meditation will help bring your intention to life and foster a state of gratitude and imagination that will encourage you. Its effects can be felt through the whole body. Living as if you’ve manifested your intentions is one of the most powerful ways to work with intentions, and using the mind jar will help you refocus each day with that mindset.

A Magical Mind Jar can also be used with children. Have them think about what they are most grateful for and put the penny in the jar. Then allow them to add the glitter to the jar, focusing on positive emotions that come with what they are most grateful for. When the child shakes the mind jar and focuses on the glitter, it invokes a meditative state, similar to what adults experience when they focus solely on the breath during meditation.


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