Goddess Green Tara Mantra Practice

Green Tara, Green Tara Mantra

Often called the grantor of wishes, Green Tara brings blessings into your life. She radiates compassion, allowing her to quickly grant your wishes and remove obstacles that are in your way. She guides and protects us as we journey though our minds. She aids in healing and transforming, shielding us from fear, anxiety and adversity. The Goddess Green Tara is praised for her ability to overcome the most difficult of situations.

The Green Tara meaning is to allow the light and love of the world around us shine into our hearts. When you are able to practice unconditional love and compassion, you see the beauty in all things. Abundant blessings will then begin to flow into your life. Practicing the Green Tara mantra benefits you by opening your heart and encouraging you to give and receive loving energy.

A Daily Green Tara Practice

  1. If you’ve never practiced mantra meditation, first learn how to use mala beads.
  2. Each morning, using your Green Tara mala or other mala necklace, say the Green Tara chant 108 times. The Green Tara mantra is Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha.
  3. As you recite the Green Tara mantra, visualize what you’d like to bring into your life. The Green Tara meaning is to bring blessings of love and joy, so visualize something truly meaningful to you that invokes those emotions.

Repeat this Green Tara meditation in the evening and continue the practice everyday for 21 days. Consistency is key when you are calling upon Green Tara. Connecting to her each day will increase the compassion and love you give to others, and in turn, bring an abundance of love and blessings into your life.

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    What if I told you that I have discovered GTG ( Green Tara Goddess) personified in a woman from Oklahoma , I’ve searched this out and have gotten to know this lady who is realizing the truth of this as I have pointed out to her the evidence in her life and actions that confirm the mystical reality of this in detail.
    It’s new , fresh and living with implications that are universal yet simple also in the little issues of home life. She embodies the power that changes the life of all who believe in what she teaches. That power is manifested in the attributes of her own life and the lives of those who embrace the frequency that liberates where she so accurately describes as the Grace Life !

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