How to Use Healing Crystals to Give Back to the Earth

For those of us with family or friends who were personally affected by the storms in Florida and Texas, these were unsettling disasters to watch unfold. Storms have no consciousness and will do what they do, but it’s difficult for a conscious mind not to draw parallels to our own destructive nature, and wonder if Mother Earth is mad at us for the way we’ve abused and disrespected her. We’ve taken advantage of our land, and now our land seems to be giving us a dose of our own devastating medicine. So how can we work to repair our relationship with our Earth?

Part of the reason we enjoy rituals, is that they are often an opportunity to establish a bond with the earth. In Native American culture, they often use cornmeal or tobacco plant as symbols of earth during rituals, and will close a ritual by giving these symbols back to the Earth as a gesture of goodwill. It is an act that is meant to signify an appreciation for what the Earth gives us, by gifting it something back. As we think about what we can do to enhance our relationship with the Earth and those in need during this time of tragedy, we can use this custom of respect as a model to aspire to.

If you’re feeling helpless to bring about positive change, you can do a few things. Of course, you can be of service by helping to clean up the disaster areas, or donate money and supplies to those who have been affected. You can also use your quartz crystals to program positivity. Using either a picture of your friends or family members who were afflicted, pets who have gone missing during the chaos or even an image of the entire state, you can set the quartz crystal on top of the image to focus the energy onto the subject. Then program the crystal with your intention. Placing you hands over the quartz and image, begin your intention. May this crystal send my positive energy and healing intention to those in need. It might not seem like you’re doing enough, but this act of concentrating your love and thoughtfulness on someone other than yourself can have a powerful impact.

You can also use picture jasper because it holds the energy of the Earth. It is an ideal crystal for getting in touch with how you can be more aware of your negative impact on nature. Use picture jasper healing properties in meditation to reflect on how you can implement simple changes for a more positive impact on the earth. Then you can set an intention with picture jasper healing energy that you will use less plastic, carpool more or volunteer to clean up the parks and beaches around you.

This is a time for you to choose which mindset you will take on. Will you submit to the fear and chaos of the moment, or will you decide to take a leading role through being of service? Red jasper helps you to choose the latter mindset by tapping into your passion. The encouragement this stone lends is one that reminds you to refuel your spirit, get passionate and plug into the needs of others and the earth.

Bloodstone has a similar calling. Bloodstone meaning is all about action. When you connect with bloodstone healing properties, you feel the need to get up and take action; to stop waiting for someone else to do something, and begin creating positive changes on your own. The responsibility is on us. Bloodstone ends the cycles of blaming others, and forces us to acknowledge our own power and duty as citizens of the earth.

Let’s do what we do best in times of tragedy and come together. We can use this time as a lesson that we need to respect our both with the Earth and with each other more than we have been. Through focusing our loving energy on others, we can elevate our collective energy to a place of peace, understanding and positive action. This was a wake up call from the Earth. Let’s make sure we answer.

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    This is so true! Humans have done so much damage to the earth and the earth gives us so much! I am fairly new to crystals and learning new things every day. I have some quartz crystals that I’m going to use to send positive energy to those who need it.
    Thank you so much!

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