Gifts Every Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just a over a week away, June 15th! Have you gotten Dad a great gift yet? This year, why not keep it simple and give Dad a gift that will last all year long: the gift of good energy. Good energy never goes out of style and will benefit him for a lifetime. Don’t know which piece to get Dad? We have gifts every dad will love for Father’s Day.

For the SPORTY Dad: 
For the active and sporty Dad, we want to ensure that his health, body and energy level are top notch for all his activities. Our Health Wrap will enhance his health and protect his physical well-being. Turquoise is known as the Master Healer, working to strengthen the overall body and immune system. Sodalite encourages relaxation and calms the mind. Jasper works to remove all energy blockages within the body, so that balance and health are restored. Our Performance Wrap will enhance his physical performance and endurance so that he can focus on his sports and activities. Once incorporated into the energy field, Bloodstone works to promote and strengthen physical endurance. Black Onyx is a protective stone that creates a shield against all negative energy. Tiger’s Eye brings good luck and increases the body’s energy. Rutilated Quartz brings forth a person’s strengths and originality.

For the FOODIE Dad:
connect_mens-2-1 (1)
For all the Dads that love to cook and entertain, we want him to have endless inspiration and creativity when it comes to food! Our Connect Bracelet was designed to connect with Mother Earth, where all our food comes from. Co-designed by celebrity chef, Ludo Lefebvre, this piece will bring Dad a zest for living and cooking, helping him to consciously make healthy food choices as well. And the best part it, by purchasing this bracelet, you will be supporting and giving back to Growing Great, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to both children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits. Our Inspiration Wrap will ensure that Dad is inspired and ready to follow his culinary dreams. Made with Blue Apatite and Red Tiger’s Eye, this piece helps to clear the mind and energy field so that clear thoughts can emerge, giving you your “AHA” moment.

For the GADGET Dad: 
protection_wrap-8_1For the techie, gadget Dads, we need to make sure they are protected from the Electrical Magnetic Energy (EMFs) that are emitted by those gadgets. Our Protection Wrap is made with Black Onyx and Lapis Lazuli to create an energetic shield around your body, protecting you from all harmful and negative energies. Make sure Dad wear this piece whenever he is next to the computer or playing with his gadgets. Our Stability Wrap is made with Hematite and Jasper, to help Dad stay focused and grounded in every situation. It absorbs negative energy, helping him feel calmer and less stressed.

For the WORKING Dad:
For the working, business-ey dad, ensure that he has a prosperous and stress-free year, full of opportunity! Our Good Fortune Necklace combines three extremely auspicious elements from the Chinese Culture: 3 Chinese Coins, Jade & Red String. Since ancient times, the combination of these elements has been used in Feng Shui to bring luck and fortune. We also don’t want Dad to be stressed about work! Our Stress Free Wrap is made with Blue Lace Agate and Clear Quartz to help him relinquish all his stress and to allow him to breathe deeply. This piece has a soothes an overactive mind, relieving all anxiety and stress.

For EVERY Dad:
Show Dad how much he means to you and how grateful you are to have him in your life. Created in collaboration with Jason Mraz, our Gratitude Bracelet will help him align with the practice of gratitude and shift his attention back to love and all the divine qualities within himself. It reminds us to be grateful for everything in our lives, every single day.

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