Get the Prosperity Energy Moving with Garnet

Get the Prosperity Energy Moving with Garnet

We’d all love to invite the energy of prosperity into our lives, but before we do, we need to make sure that our spiritual space is ready for the guest of honor. A clogged energy flow and a cluttered mindset that is closed off to fresh ideas, risks and opportunity, will not be a welcoming setting for prosperity. Instead, begin attracting that prosperity energy by getting the energy moving in your body with Garnet.

Many times, the difference between getting the opportunity you want, and getting passed over for someone else, is about carrying the right energy. Is your energy stuck or stagnant and blocking the flow of prosperity energy?  Red Garnet gets the energy moving and flowing, dissolving any blockages that exist within your body. You will soon see a difference in your personal energy field. It brings a certain grounded-ness that reinvigorates your passion and your heart with a new found energy; one that has you feeling more connected to yourself in the present moment. Radiating with this energy can open new doors for those who choose to welcome it.

If you’re ready to get rid of the stagnant energy cloud hanging above you, and shift your mindset toward one that sees prosperity on the horizon, then use the garnet meaning to create the energy of success. Heather swears by this ritual. If you can commit to doing it every morning, you will begin to see results. 

A 5-Minute Daily Ritual to Get the Prosperity Energy Flowing

What You’ll Need:

Prosperity Energy Ritual Steps:

  1. Grab your Garnet stones and find a place inside or outside where you have enough room to stand comfortably and raise your hands above your head.
  2. Facing north, place both of your feet firmly on the ground, about hip distance apart.
  3. Place one Garnet stone in each hand and place them gently over your hip bones.
  4. Begin to gently bend and straighten your knees, bouncing/bobbing up and down. Bounce up and down a total of 50 times. This movement gets the energy moving in your body to shake up any stuck energy and reestablish a smooth, continuous flow of energy throughout your body.
  5. After you’ve finished the repetitions, stand upright. Move the crystals to your back, mirroring where they were placed on your front.
  6. Gently bend back slightly and open your heart chakra up to the sky.
  7. Stand upright, and hold your crystals up to the cosmos, inviting in the energy of the universe. Envision new opportunities and new doors opening for you.
  8. Then, bend forward and take the crystals down to the ground, bringing all that energy back to the Earth. Envision the rootedness of the Earth aiding you in grounding these new opportunities and bringing them to fruition.
  9. Bring your crystals to your heart, close your eyes and set a prosperous intention for the day. What are you looking to bring in?
  10. After you’re finished, open your eyes and place your crystals in a safe spot where they can be easily accessible every morning.
  11. Repeat steps 1 to 10 each morning for 10, 21 or 40 days.

You are that line of connection that bridges the gap between the Earth and the cosmos. Through this daily ritual, you are aligning yourself with your passion, your heart and that of a higher power. You’re creating a powerful circle or cycle of energy to change your state and open the flow of prosperity energy.


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    Thank you for providing this information about garnet stones and their benefits. I am just beginning to learn more about the powers and healing that stones carry and I found this article very interesting.

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      You’re so welcome! Thanks for reading our article!

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    victor Nwamadi

    How do I get the Garnet stones

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