Gemini Stones for Sun, Rising & Moon Signs

Gemini Stones for Sun, Rising & Moon Signs, Gemini Crystals

Gemini signs, born between the dates of May 21st and June 21st, are playful, curious, intellectual and often chatty and quick-witted. Represented by the Twins, Gemini signs are the perfect mix of the yin and the yang–many joke that they have an alter ego that makes up their persona. (Co-founder, Timmi, is a gemini and when she does something uncharacteristic, she says that’s her evil twin Tammy making an appearance). Gemini signs seek diversity, enthralling themselves in projects and activities of all kinds. They are truly the jack-of-all-trades, living with the intention of discovering their own version of the truth. Like Aquarius and Libra, Gemini is an air element, notorious for their incredible lightness of being. Connecting with one of your Gemini stones enhances your strengths and supports you through any weaknesses.

These traits represent the sun sign in Gemini, which influences your nature and instincts. Your ascendant, or rising sign, and your moon sign also influence your personality and desires. Your rising sign can sometimes be “more accurate” than your sun sign, because it determines how others perceive you. Your moon sign is connected with your inner self and determines how you handle fears and emotions. The combination of your sun, rising and moon signs all influence your personality. Gemini stones and crystals support and accentuate these aspects of yourself. Finding the perfect stone for Gemini may depend on whether you’re a sun, moon or ascendant Gemini. Each of the Gemini crystals is powerful in different ways, so the best way to choose is to see which stone best aligns with your goals and resonates with you the most.

You can discover your sun, rising and moon signs with a free birth chart from the AstroTwins. You will need the time and place of your birth.

Gemini Sun Sign: Your Gemini Stones

Two of the best stones for Gemini are Moonstone and Agate. Connecting with an agate stone keeps you grounded and stable, rooting yourself deep within the Earth. It’s infinite dimension and multiple layers bring hidden messages to light, helping you to process it as it comes. Blue lace agate also be a strong ally to soothe your nerves, because gemini signs are often characteristically anxious. A moonstone stone represents the things that are constantly shifting and changing to bring new opportunities into your life. The duo of agate and moonstone ensures that you are not pulled in too many different direction, creating emotional and spiritual balance in your life.

Communication is truly a strength for gemini signs, so you want to ensure that your throat chakra is open and in balance, making blue gemstones your crystal allies. Sometimes in your excitement, you can rush into sharing your opinions and thoughts without thinking about the consequences or how it will be perceived. Connecting with the energy of a chrysocolla stone can help you to take things in first, reminding you when it is time to listen and time to share.

The Gemini mind is curious and quick-witted. However, these pluses can also result in mental stress and an overactive mind. Keep a piece of raw aquamarine close by to calm your mind and keep it from going at a million miles per minute.

A Gemini Birthday Blessing Ritual

  1. Sit quietly holding an Apophyllite crystal in your hands. Close your eyes. Begin to shift your attention from your surroundings to deep within yourself.
  2. Blow gently on your crystal to cleanse it, like you’re blowing our your birthday candles.
  3. Hold your crystal above your head, visualizing a triangle of white light forming from the crystal down to your feet.
  4. Envision this gently, protective light permeating your aura and entire body to dissolve any stress, anger, fear and worries. When all this negativity is freed from your body, feel your creativity and life force reinvigorated.
  5. Now, make a birthday wish, setting intentions for what you want to manifest in this next year of your life.
  6. When you’re ready, gently open your eyes and bring your attention back to your space. Put your apophyllite in a special place that you will see everyday throughout the next year. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal often, keeping it sparkling with high vibrational energy.

Your Stones for Gemini Rising Signs

For Gemini rising signs, the energy of Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli will constantly help you to speak your truth. The ability to communicate with anyone and everyone is one of the many gifts that comes with this sign, but sometimes you may find that you can talk yourself out of anything as well. A sodalite stone is one of the wonderful crystals for intuition that teaches you to trust yourself and your decisions. Meditate with a Lapis Lazuli stone over your third eye to quiet the mind and open your third eye. Feel the energy of the crystal flowing through your mind, heightening your intuition and expanding your awareness.

Gemini Moon Sign: Your Gemini Crystals

Having your moon in Gemini means you have a strong intuitive sense, the ability to make inspired connections and are wonderful at multitasking. One of the most powerful Gemini stones is apophyllite. An apophyllite crystal stimulates your intuition, enabling you to see things more clear. It also melts away stress and anxiety to reveal your true self. When your moon is in Gemini, one of your greatest needs is to be heard and to be accepted. Orange Calcite grounds your energizes and excites your spirit while also increasing feelings of self worth. Black tourmaline can help you to recognize and release any stressful mental patterns and self-limiting ways of thinking.


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