Garden Crystals for the Green Thumb

Garden Crystals for the Green Thumb

March is finally here, and with it comes spring! It’s been a long winter, and we are eager to bring in some fresh change and new life. With spring not officially beginning until March 20th, we have a few weeks to plan out our grand garden ideas. While we love the motivation this excitement is inspiring, there is a tinge of hesitancy that comes along with it. Gardens can be tricky. Even when you plant your seeds with the best intentions, and do everything you’re supposed to, plants are living things; which means they don’t always act the way you want them to. Whether it’s just a disappointing crop that produced little outcome, or a total massacre of all hope and greenery, the possibility of failure looms over our best laid garden plans.

To get an edge on garden catastrophes, everyone has their little secret. Some people sing to their plants. Some place a lucky gnome in their garden. Some use Feng Shui techniques to promote harmony and balance. Whatever your good luck charm may be, anything that gives you a boost of confidence is beneficial to staying motivated. For a trick to enhance your garden’s success using the energy of the Earth, you can use garden crystals. Crystals for plants aren’t so much about keeping you motivated, as they are about directing specific energies into your plants that will promote fertile growth and vibrancy. We all need help growing up, and just our cells react to the nurturing vibrations of crystals, so do those of plants. With all that the Earth gives us, our beautiful gardens included, crystals for plants are a way that we can give something back. We gift our plants with garden crystals as a symbol of the Earth’s cycle of giving. In this way, we pay our respect to nature and understand that we are a part of it, rather than just a consumer of it. As you plot out which plants to bring into your garden this year, think also about which garden crystals you can use to encourage growth. With crystals for plants, even people who have the worst luck with plants will be bragging about their green thumb—just don’t forget to water!

Garden Crystals to Energize Your Spring Plants

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is one of our favorite garden crystals. It is often used in garden grids to ease the tension of stress on the environment. As a crystal that absorbs negative energy, it will help protect your garden from the effects of pollution. Green Aventurine is a master healer that brings harmony into a space for a surge of well-being and calm.

Quartz Crystal

What isn’t Quartz Crystal good for? It’s no surprise that this high-vibrational, miracle stone is suited to facilitating garden growth like everything else it’s suited to. Set an intention to have a copious crop this season, place the quartz crystal just beneath the soil or in a grid in your garden, and let it go about what it does best—programming! Quartz Crystal programs intentions into its energetic output, and stimulates cell growth for gardens that will be sure to impress!

Tree Agate

In order for things to grow, they must feel safe. Tree Agate lends Earth energy attuned to stability for a shield of protection that is conducive to growth. Use Tree Agate in your garden to activate the energy of growth with positivity. Perseverance and fortitude are attributes of Tree Agate that can make it the perfect crystal for flowers or plants growing in difficult conditions.


With a built in energy of resistance and fortitude, Rhyolite is a crystal for those gardens that have to combat with severe or shifting climates. Gift this crystal to your succulent garden, or cactus plant. The energy of perseverance will connect to plants that must flourish in even the harshest conditions. Traits like acceptance and strength under challenges makes Rhyolite a great balancing stone for plants that have no choice but to try and carry on growing in the conditions they’re dealt.

Green Calcite

If your gardening thumb has always been a little more black than green, toss out those memories of past mishaps and reprogram your garden with Green Calcite and the energy of fertility. Green Calcite is a stone of encouragement because it allows you to reprogram negative beliefs and replace them with a more positive perspective. The stimulating energy of Green Calcite will guide in the transformation from inactive growth toward a flourish of cultivation. Ideal in a grid, set green calcite and other garden crystals in a pattern among your garden for the best results.

Moss Agate

Thought of in ancient times as the gardener’s talisman, Moss Agate is a stone of birth, great for imbuing the energy of fertility, abundance and transformation on all living things that surround it. The journey of renewal is assisted with Moss Agate as it ushers stimulating Earth energy in for grounded prosperity.

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    try a combination of moss agate, aventurine, and rutilated quartz, double terminated wands sticking out of the soil

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