Using Ganesh Remover of Obstacles for a Breakthrough

Have you ever felt like no matter how much energy you took toward a problem, you couldn’t seem to fix it? There’s few things more deflating than investing hard work into a part of your life, and not seeing a positive pay off. If you’ve been stuck in a sludge of negativity, and nothing you’ve done has worked to break you out of it, it’s probably time to shift your approach.

Healing crystals give us the perspective we need to better assess how to achieve a breakthrough. In life, when we find out that a route we’re on has a dead end, we turn around and find an alternative path. When things are less literal, and we reach an impasse in our career, love life or spiritual progress, it’s harder to visualize ourselves stepping back and pursuing a different strategy. Instead, we feel that we’ve sunk too much effort into this plan to quit now, so we may even push forward with it after recognizing those dead end signs. By infusing your spirit with optimism, focus and a renewed perspective, crystals lend you the clarity to see obstacles and find new ways past them.  

Crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, sat down in this video to chat about which crystals are most effective for inducing breakthroughs – and her favorite secrets about Ganesh remover of obstacles. Watch the full video for her tips on how to transform your challenges into success, and read below for all the crystal highlights!


Why use yellow citrine for conquering obstacles? Being that citrine is believed to absorb negativity and emit positivity, it’s kind of the perfect crystal to get you out of a slump. Citrine is a stone of happiness. It radiates with sunny vibes that encourage you to look toward the light of a new day. Blessing you with hope, citrine keeps you from feeling defeated even after experiencing a loss. Use it to bring that sunshiny energy into your environment. If you need a breakthrough at work, place citrine on your desk to remind you not to get weighed down by toxic thoughts or stress. Wear citrine jewelry to uplift your spirit. The heaviness that anxiety places on the soul keeps it from experiencing the kind of playfulness that often spawns creative progress.


Debt consciousness can impede our success by limiting us with fear. This mentality holds us back from taking necessary risks, by restricting our focus to only what we have to lose, and not what we have to gain. Pyrite is the stone to use when you need to see what actions or thought processes are sabotaging your success—such as being too consumed by debt consciousness. This stone has a mirror-like quality that reflects back what we have a difficult time seeing about ourselves. Sometimes, pyrite shows us the positive aspects of ourselves that we neglect to acknowledge. Other times, pyrite is what we need recognize that our biggest obstacle is ourselves. Through bolstering our spirit with confidence and clarity, the pyrite uses can guide us toward creating significant improvements and breakthroughs.

Using Ganesh Remover of Obstacles for a Breakthrough

Ganesh Remover of Obstacles

This Hindu deity is known for guiding people past their obstacles. Heather suggests bringing a Ganesh statue, like her own hand-carved, Aventurine Ganesh, into your home. Some important tips to remember are to make sure that your Ganesh statue:

  • is facing east
  • always has an offering like a bowl of flowers, sweets or fruit in front of it
  • and, has a candle or incense nearby

This offering displays that you are not asking to receive without expecting give. Through this exchange, you also remind your spirit of the beauty that exists in the service of something greater than yourself. This will add lightness to your soul, and shift you out of your negative mindset.

Combining Citrine with Ganesh Remover of Obstacles

Amplify the power of your breakthrough by embracing the benefits of citrine and Ganesh at the same time. The mantra to use when asking for help from Ganesh remover of obstacles, is: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha. Repeat this mantra using a citrine mala necklace. Mala necklaces are especially designed to assist with repeating mantras and deepening meditation. The 108 beads of a mala necklace are meant to help you keep track of your mantra repetitions. Using this mantra for ganesh remover of obstacles with a citrine mala allows you to simultaneously connect with the joy of citrine. This is great for those looking for enhancements in their financial prosperity, as Ganesh can help you to find the strength to overcome challenges, while the citrine is known for inviting the energy of abundance.  

Repeat the mantra on each of the 108 beads of the necklace. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but it actually only takes about 8 minutes to perform. The idea behind repeating these mantras, is that once you get into the sync of the repetition, you will find it easier to enter a meditative state. From this state, you can achieve heightened clarity and peace. These aspects are often exactly what you need to discover a new path toward success.

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