In a Funk? Crystal Cure to the End-of-Summer Blues

In a Funk? Crystal Cure to the End-of-Summer Blues

As we approach the last days of August, we are reminded that the sun is setting on the summer season. For us lovers of fun in the sun, this means a case of the end of summer blues. Not helped by the fact that Mercury will be retrograde for the rest of August, our post-summer sadness seems to be sinking in early. To remain positive and passionate in our many pursuits, we need a crystal remedy to jolt us out of our emotional funk. Through a combination of a crystal cure and other mindful techniques, we can shift our perspective from a focus on one phase ending, to the opportunity presented by a new beginning.

Choose a Crystal Cure to Soothe Your End of Summer Sadness

Power Posing with Calcite

The best way to move on from one thing is the get excited about another. Orange and green calcite are the perfect tag team for transitional periods. In your left hand, hold a small, tumbled green calcite stone. As the receiving hand, this is the energy that you are inviting into your spiritual body. The green calcite healing properties work with the heart chakra to lend clarity to whatever is causing a stagnancy in your emotions. Through purifying the mental and spiritual space of looming negativity, green calcite refreshes the mind. Not only does it help you to relax your stresses, it floods you with rejuvenating energy so that you come out of your relaxed state motivated to work.

In your right hand, you’ll hold the Orange calcite stone. Your right side represents the action the side. The energy you foster in this hand should symbolize what you are looking to put out in the world. Orange calcite is the ideal energy to hold in this hand because it is just the motivating and revitalizing energy that you need to snap you out of a slump. With all of the vigor that your life has been missing, orange calcite removes the fears and general sadness that have been souring your mood. Connecting to the base and sacral chakras, orange calcite will force you up from any laziness you may have been lingering in.

Holding each of your stones, raise your hands high above your head into a power pose. It should look like you’re crossing the finish line at the end of a race. This victory pose has been found by researchers to stimulate confidence and boost testosterone when held for two minutes. Visualize the power you hold, and the opportunities for success, love and happiness that await you in the coming months. Get pumped for your future, and use this crystal cure to say goodbye to your silly funk!

Journal with Sunstone

Even when you’re not feeling down, you should invest a small bit of time into this mindfulness journal method for self-love and fulfillment. While holding sunstone in one hand, use the other to write down a list of things that you love to do. What brings you happiness? What hobbies do wish you had more time for? Who are your favorite people to hangout with? What do you do with them? Think of this as a verbal doodle. Let the memories of who you are your happiest, fill you with the inspiration to get back to being that person. When you’re done, you can look at this list as a to-do list whenever you’re down. You have a resource for all of the ways you can cheer yourself up and the people you can rely on to be there for you. This method of reminiscing on happier times can actually help release serotonin in your brain, which then induces a sense of calm.  

For this exercise, the crystal cure is a Sunstone crystal because it is a future focusing stone that empowers you to break out of your bad mood and seek life out. Great for those with depression or seasonal affective disorder, sunstone gets you looking beyond the sadness you find yourself in, and lends you a stimulus of inspiration to reach out to people or passions that you love for support. Full of independence and vitality, sunstone energy prompts you to start checking off the activities or pursuits you’ve been procrastinating on.  

Take a Walk with Garnet

You hear it said all the time: exercise boosts your mood. Well, you may not want to hear it, but it’s true. If you’re looking for a quick crystal cure to an emotional funk, the answer is get your blood pumping. That’s a sentiment that the energy of garnet can get on board with. The garnet energy is extremely energizing. It spurns you on to love, live, create and adventure. Hold a garnet stone in your hand while you walk to increase your endurance with a positive state of mind. The combination of the zest for life that garnet lends you, and endorphins that exercise releases in your brain will help you to blast through that slump you’re in once and for all.

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