Capture Full Moon Energy + Cosmic Vibes with a Labradorite Plate

Capture Full Moon Energy + Cosmic Vibes with a Labradorite Plate

Don’t tell us it’s just a phase! The moon has many phases, but at its most illuminated, one phase stands out as more spectacular than the rest. Full moon energy is a powerful entity that affects the tides, animals and humans alike. You can’t deny the draw of a full moon’s call. As it looms in the night sky, commanding our attention, it seems somehow appropriate to give thanks and respect to the moon’s beauty and presence. Let this full moon ritual be your thank you note to that familiar friend in the sky. 

A Crystal Ritual to Maximize the Full Moon Energy

By bringing the full moon energy into ourselves and our crystals, we celebrate and become one with the moon.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Labradorite Plate – A Labradorite Plate is like a personal charger for all of your crystal working devices. It facilitates the transfer of the moon’s nurturing energy into your crystals.
  • 1 Selenite Tower – Use the Selenite Tower as your reservoir for full moon energy. On the night of the full moon, fill it up with celestial energy and the energy of your gratitude. A pillar of light, it reaches up like a lightening rod attracting moonbeams into its internal scape of twinning surfaces.
  • your crystal medicine bag, jewelry and crystals – to cleanse and recharge their vibrant energy
  • a small piece of paper and pen to write your intention
  • 1 sage cleansing set to clear the energy of yourself, your space and your crystals
  • Optional: A mason jar with water (with the lid on) to soak up the full moon energy

Full Moon Energy Ritual Steps:

  1. Sage yourself, your space and your crystals to rid them of any stagnant, negative energy.
  2. On the night of the height of full moon energy, set your Labradorite plate out under the light of the full moon.
  3. Place your selenite tower atop your Labradorite plate, along with crystals, crystal jewelry or anything else your are working with that month.
  4. Write your intention on a piece of paper and place that with your items outside as well.
  5. For further fusion with the full moon energy, place a mason jar of water on your Labradorite plate to create full moon charged water.
  6. Leave your items outside for 24 hours. This will infuse them with cosmic vibes, and return the original potency to their metaphysical functions.
  7. After 24 hours, drink your water. As you consume this elixir, thank the moon for the life it cultivates on Earth as well as in you.
  8. Move the Selenite to your altar or room. It will store the energy of the moon for the rest of the month, so that you can revitalize your spirit with full moon frequencies no matter what phase the moon is in.
  9. Bring all your other items in and place them back in their designated place. Place your jewelry on your body. Feel your spirit uplift with the energy of the cosmos and full moon.

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