Mindful Tips + Healing Crystals for Fixing Fitness Fatigue

Mindful Tips + Healing Crystals for Fixing Fitness Fatigue

Yeah, yeah. So last year’s New Year’s resolution to work out more didn’t make it to March…or February. This year will be different! We’ll just make the same resolution at midnight, and this time our staunch optimism alone will carry us through to our goals. Okay, maybe not. It’s possible that we have lost sight of the fact that a New Year’s resolution isn’t a wish upon a star. The problem with having the key to our own success is that it means our success depends on us. By mid-February, that becomes painfully apparent. As every resolution breaker knows, it’s not the goals that feel daunting, it’s the consistency. Establishing our fitness objectives as habits in our daily life can feel impossible when we perceive them as extraneous resolutions from the get go. Much of getting into the habit of something comes from the way you view it. Through a series of easy tricks and tips, and crystals for health and fitness, you can shift your perspective on fitness and integrate it into your life for years to come!

Don’t Be Vague

Studies have shown that having vague, unspecific goals can lead to depression. Making your objectives specific will ensure that you have a visible path to success, rather than a broad goal and no clear direction. Lack of direction* can make you feel as if you are floundering or not achieving what you set out to. Stave off these feelings by choosing a new resolution. Rather than the typical, “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get healthier,” set something that has a beginning and end date, and that can be easily measured. For instance: “I want to cut out processed sugar for the next two months, and do yoga for a half an hour every other day.” If there is a goal weight you’d like to reach, set a reasonable time for when you can lose it by. Write down your plan for how you will reach this goal in a journal.


There are several beneficial aspects to keeping a fitness journal. First, writing in a journal will help to your goals on your mind, even when you’re not exercising. This establishes exercising as a part of your life, just like anything else you’d normally journal about. Second, journaling is great for keep a record of your fitness progress, and can keep you motivated as you notice the results. The flip side is that when you aren’t seeing results, you can know that you may need to set a new goal, try a new form of exercise or use a different approach. Journaling in general is often therapeutic. It helps you to reflect, and can be the place where you document your workout fatigue, or why you were too emotionally drained to reach a certain daily workout goal.

Do More Than One Thing

The gym is more than just weights and stationary bikes. Do a little research about alternative workouts and you may find that something you never knew about has sparked your eye. Jazzercise? Why not! Zumba? Could be fun! Trail running? Can’t wait! There are many different ways you can spice up your workout so that you don’t get resolution fatigue. It may introduce you to your new favorite workout, and can lead to new friends with similar interests or goals. Getting out there and trying new things is as much of a boost to your spirit as it is to your body.

Get a New Look

If you are going to commit to this, you have to have the gear to do it in. Buying a new pair of running shoes or a new pair of workout pants will signal to yourself that you are ready to invest in this goal. Then when you see your new workout outfit in your drawer, you’ll be more likely to remember your goals and feel inspired to get some use out of those clothes.

Incorporate Wellness, Mindfulness and Crystals for Health + Fitness

Working out can be painful. Post-workout fatigue symptoms like sore muscles and tired feet are even worse when coupled with work, responsibilities and errands. Bringing wellness and crystals for fitness into your workout can help alleviate the exhaustion associated with working out, and be a welcome reward for reaching a certain goal. After working out, try a five to ten minute meditation. Focus on settling your breath and heartbeat. Feel how elevated your mood and stamina is after having made such a healthy choice.

You can use crystals for health and weight loss to amplify your goals as well. Crystals in the post workout meditation will enhance your already positive vibes, as well as helping to program and manifest new goals. If you have heavy-enough ones, you can even add a little energy boost to your workout by using your crystals as your weights – we often like to incorporate big selenite crystals as our “weights.” Place a tumbled stone in your sports bra or pocket, or place it somewhere that you can spot during your whole workout to keep your spirits high. Here are just a few of our favorite crystals for health and fitness:

  • Blue Apatite – go-to crystal for your weight loss goals. It’s believed to increase your metabolism, suppress hunger craving and motivate you to stick to your goals.
  • Quartz Crystal – get crystal clear on your health and fitness goals. Quartz magnifies your intentions to help you stay on track.
  • Selenite – besides using them as replacement weights, Selenite is a wonderful crystal to clear away any self-doubt, negativity or unwanted energy that has attached to your energy field while you were working out. More about sticking to your intentional eating goals here! 
  • Bloodstone – if you feel yourself lacking energy and feeling the fitness fatigue, wear or carry bloodstone to raise your energy levels and provide added strength.

Once you’ve reached a goal weight or established six weeks of consistency, gift yourself to a relaxing massage or spa day. This isn’t a reward that will set you back, and it may give you some much needed rest before taking on another tough workout stretch.

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