Finding Your Passion With A Carnelian Point Ritual

Finding Your Passion With A Carnelian Point Ritual

Finding your passion can be difficult. Many people often experience one of two extremes—either they have so many ideas and options they don’t know what route to take or they haven’t found inspiration or an overwhelming feeling of excitement for a path.

Carnelian holds an energy that stimulates your sacral chakra—the energy system that is connected to your passion and purpose. Working with its energy can help you focus in on exactly what it is that your soul needs and guides you on finding your passion. A carnelian point allows creative ideas to flow, stimulates your passion and inspires you to find the path to your passion.

Practice this carnelian point ritual whenever you need a dose of inspiration or guidance to finding and focusing your passion.

May your new ideas feel like sunrise.

Finding Your Passion Ritual

  1. Find somewhere outside you can sit and watch the sunset with your carnelian point. The sunset represents the closing of the energy of the day and the beginning of a new dawn.
  2. Hold the carnelian point over your second chakra, located just below the navel.
  3. As the sun sets, just fully enjoy the moment, watching it disappear before your eyes.
  4. Then, when you feel a slight bit of inspiration or all-knowing feeling that everything in this world has a purpose, close your eyes.
  5. Sit in meditation long enough to go within yourself and discover the answers that are already within you. Ask yourself what it is in this very moment that would bring passion and excitement to your life. If you could do anything right now, what would it be? Once you discover that, ask yourself what steps you can take in your daily life to move in that direction. Sitting with the carnelian point over your sacral chakra will help you focus this energy on what truly matters to you.

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