Finding Support During the Christmas Full Moon

christmas full moon

A special energy surrounds our Christmas celebration this year. December’s full moon not only lands on Christmas day, but also is in Cancer, the ruler of home and family. With your family already gathered together, it allows everyone to fully harness the full moon on Christmas and feel supported as the energy shifts.

The full moon is a time to release negative emotions and energy so that you can move forward, and with the energy illuminating your familial values, it’s a crucial time to build up your support system. As the full moon brings up these emotions, it is important that you take the time to acknowledge, embrace and express them and find support to move past them.

Gather your family for an unplugged talk. Shut off all music, electronics and other distractions so you can all simply are in the moment with one another. This is also a symbolic time to reach out to your chosen family– your closest friends that you can rely on for support; especially if you’re biological family isn’t as stable as you need it to be. After your traditional family dinner, invite your chosen family over so that you can grow your bond with them as well.

Have each family member share what it is they would like to achieve in the next year and also what support they will need from everyone to accomplish that intention. For example, a family member who wants to focus on their health may need family members’ support to help make healthy dinners, join them for a fun exercise class once a week, or check the menu at a restaurant to make sure there are nutritious options.

This brings awareness to what is causing emotional hardship to each member of the family and what their hopes for the future are so that the family can work together to alleviate any negative emotion and foster positive change. Sharing intentions and goals and asking for support also aids in maintaining your motivation for change even after weeks or months pass by.

It’s important to feel unbreakable support in all that we, so surrounding yourself with your friends and family will remind you of how much unconditional love that is present in your life. With the energy of the Christmas full moon here to any release negative energy, the love, support and compassion you feel from your family and friends will guide you to move forward knowing that there is support for all that you do.

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