Evil Eye Jewelry for Protection

evil eye jewelry

The symbolism and superstition of the evil eye is known around the globe, with people of all cultures wearing evil eye jewelry for protection to shield them from bad luck and harm. The myth and meaning behind the evil eye symbol differs slightly from culture to culture, but in the simplest form, the evil eye is a look directed towards someone that is intended to inflict harm, negativity or some form of bad luck.

Evil eye jewelry

Evil Eye Talisman Necklace

Evidence for the belief in the evil eye dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. In ancient times, it was believed that the evil eye was the biggest threat to royalty, or anyone who was admired. It was thought that the gods and goddesses were punishing them for receiving too much attention and praise for their achievements. The evil eye is also a well-known superstition in India, as Hinduism dictates that the most powerful point of the body to give off energy is the eye. They believe that jealousy is the root power of the evil eye.

Some of the most powerful ways to protect yourself from the evil eye is to wear talismans of evil eye jewelry or protection crystals.  Over the years, we have gotten many, many requests for evil eye talisman pieces, and we were finally able to bring you to Evil Eye rings and necklaces! The Evil Eye charm stares back at the world to shield you from negativity and harm. It deflects and disperses any negative energy that is being directed at you, providing you with constant protection from negative energy. On both the evil eye rings and necklace, the evil eye talisman charm is combined with powerful crystals for protection: Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Quartz Crystal and Hematite. Lapis Lazuli frees you from negative thoughts and energies. Black Onyx constantly repels negative vibrations while facilitating the release of negativity, stress, anxiety and even feelings of depression. Quartz crystal energizes and activates the other protection crystals to amplify their protective power. Hematite connects you with the energy of the Earth, which helps to absorb any negative energy from your body. Wear your evil eye jewelry each day to avoid receiving any evil glances or negative energy!

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