Enrich Your Life with Pyrite

From the moment we start working, we’re told that success will be a struggle—that we can’t get what we want without fighting for it. While this instills a strong work ethic, it can also be a dangerous notion. It leads people to believe that if they want success, they can’t stop to enjoy what they have. The power of the pyrite meaning is that it lends an insight to our goals. Rather than struggling for the sake of struggling, we can use pyrite to help us see what is truly getting in our way of success. Though a quick-to-judge society may imply that we just aren’t working hard enough, the truth may be that we’re working too hard in our career, and not hard enough on ourselves. That’s where pyrite is an essential healing stone.

Not only reflective on the surface, a pyrite crystal also has a mirror-like energy that helps us to look deeply at ourselves and our actions. Through this reflection, we can examine what behaviors or thought patterns are holding us back. Sometimes we self-sabotage by not pursuing opportunities that we know we should. Sometimes our focus on work is what is holding us back from the life experiences that could actually propel us further in our careers. And more often than not, we are so aware of our financial situation, that we’re too scared to take necessary risks in business. Pyrite guides us so that we can identify and overcome the blocks that we create for ourselves.

Heather’s Crystal of the Week: Pyrite

We often think of pyrite as a wealth stone because of the positive effect its energy has on our career, but that energy transcends work. When we’re spontaneous, creative, confident and open to trying new things, it benefits our relationships, our friendships and our life experiences. To connect with it, try working with only this one stone for a set period of days – 11, 21 or 40 days. You can either wear it, like in pyrite jewelry, or hold it in your hands each day in meditation.

Meditation with pyrite establishes a powerful bond with its reflective energy. Whether it’s for 3 minutes or 11 minutes, try and let yourself just breathe while holding a pyrite stone in your hands. Meditation isn’t as much about finding things out, as it about reaching a higher state of mind from which personal insights become clearer. Don’t feel compelled to come up with answers, or reach total clarity of thought. Instead of judging your meditation—wondering why you’re still thinking or if you’re doing it right—just sit and breathe. If you have a thought, that’s okay, let it pass and get back to breath. Repeat this practice daily to infuse yourself with the inspiring energy of pyrite. While your intention may be to foster a breakthrough at work, don’t shut down the rousing of energy else where in your life. Pyrite has a way of making experiences more rich. If a sunset brings about a sense of awe, or a work of art inspires, go with it. It might lead you to an unexpected path that you can benefit from.

Other ways to bring the energy of pyrite into life can be use it as an intention setter. Place a it on a business card to usher abundance into your work, or write an intention on a piece of paper and set it on top to hold the energy of that aspiration. Wear a pyrite bracelet on your left wrist to remind yourself that you are abundant. Having it on your altar, a sacred place of significance, highlights that a richness of life is important to you. For those who are feeling stuck or unsatisfied with their place in life, use pyrite in the home to channel fresh, creative energy into your space and spirit.

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