Daily Energy Clearing Crystal Ritual to Remove Negative Energy

Daily Energy Clearing Crystal Ritual to Remove Negative Energy

For many of us, stress is as classic a holiday accessory as the ugly sweater. We wear our stress when we shop, as we glance at our bank accounts and even when trying to plan holiday outings. We are conditioned that this stress is normal, and even expected. If you’re not stressed, you’re not doing enough we constantly tell ourselves. This philosophy isn’t maintainable for a day, let alone a month. It may seem true-to-the-season to collect piles of stress next to the piles of presents cluttering your home, but, contrary to popular opinion, stress is not a necessary part of December. By energy clearing your home and body of negativity, this crystal ritual will reboot your holiday mentality and take a little weight off your shoulders. Instead of operating from a place of chaos, your rejuvenated energy will help you to navigate the season with a sense of light and calm. Make this energy clearing ritual a staple part of your daily practice to keep your mind, body and spirit vibrating at its highest potential. Take the time to start peeling back the layers of energetic buildup and clutter from the past year now so that you feel lighter come the new year.

Daily Crystal Ritual for Energy Clearing + to Remove Negative Energy

What you’ll need:

Time Frame: 11 minutes for 11, 21 or 40 days

Energy Clearing Ritual Steps:

  1. On Day 1, right when you wake up, thoroughly sage your space to clear and remove negative energy.
  2. Cleanse your jewelry and crystals with your preferred clearing method.
  3. Find a comfortable seated position, holding your White Aragonite in your left hand and your Halite in your right hand. Think of white aragonite as the “white knight” of protection and sparkling white light, calming your spirit and balancing your energy body. Halite sucks out and absorbs any negativity, stress and tension from the body to break down emotional barriers and heal spiritual wounds.
  4. Holding your crystals, close your eyes and sit for 3 minutes. Breathe deeply in and out. In and out. Observe what comes up. Are you feeling anxiety? Fear? Sadness? Contentment? Peace? Love? Don’t judge yourself for what you are feeling, just allow it to surface for this short period of time.
  5. After you’re finished, you’re going to say the following intention, out loud, for 3 minutes straight: I now release and let go of anything that no longer energetically serves me. Say it like you mean it, feeling it getting stronger with every repetition.
  6. Open your eyes. Place your crystals in a safe place where they are easily accessible the next morning, like next to your bed.
  7. Place your Pure Energy bracelets on your right wrist. As you go through the day, see them as an energy purifier, similar to an onion as you peel back each layer.
  8. Place your selenite necklace around your neck to raise your vibration throughout the day.
  9. With your jewelry on your body, state this intention 3x out loud: I clear the way to vibrate at my highest potential. 
  10. Before you go to bed, take off your bracelets, and place them on your crystals. Hold your selenite pendant close to your heart and say your mantra, I clear the way to vibrate at my highest potential, 3 more times. Leave your selenite necklace on while you sleep to promote restful sleep.
  11. Repeat steps 3 through 10 every day.

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