Using Chlorite Phantom Quartz with the Cycles of the Moon

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Sometimes we can be so excited for the new moon, which brings new opportunities and beginnings, that we don’t take advantage of the waning period—when the moon moves from full moon to the new moon. True transformation is achieved during the waning period.

To only work on the side of new beginnings—from the new moon until the full moon— you can never obtain your best self. Using chlorite phantom quartz during the waning period allows you to confront your “shadows,” making it possible to maximize the benefits of the new moon and manifest your intentions. Darkness feeds the light.

Working with chlorite filled crystals during this time allows you discover ancestral patterns that may be holding you back or causing emotional blockages in relation to your intentions. It also will allow you to become aware of self-limiting thoughts, what in your past is causing you to hold yourself back or other ways you may be inhibiting yourself. The phantom quartz meaning is transformation and growth, and this green phantom quartz is especially powerful for self-healing and regeneration. Chlorite phantom quartz is one of the most powerful stones to connect with Mother Nature, allowing you to ground painful emotions into the earth, deeply cleansing you and aura of negative energy.

From the new moon until the full moon—the waxing period—use chlorite phantom quartz to elevate aspects of your life. It is the crystal used to move you into new opportunities and bring you to the next level of your goals. The green chlorite energy cleansing powers are amplified by the quartz, helping us resolve chakra issues and energy blockages that allow you to acknowledge, heal, forgive, release and move forward. When your energy is clear and pure, you are able to recognize what you need in your life and how to best obtain it.

Follow the new moon ritual and full moon ritual to activate your chlorite filled crystal. The best way to connect with chlorite quartz is by holding it each day. You can also gaze at it while meditating. This will allow you to go within and bring the power of the crystal into an inner state.

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    this is a very informative page. Well written and makes me thirst for more knowledge. This is an excellent place for crystal newbies to learn!

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