How to Energetically Prep Your Home for Thanksgiving

how to energetically prep your home for thanksgiving

During Thanksgiving, the energy of gratitude, giving and joy fills our spaces. But with the loving energy of the holidays also come stress, family drama and negative emotions that get released during this time of the year. Prepping your space energetically combats some of those unpleasant holiday woes and also creates an uplifting environment that fosters true thanks and giving that this holiday is about.

Use selenite on your table display

Placing a selenite crystal on your table will help disperse any negative energy and foster positive conversations among family members. It’s white coloring makes it easy to incorporate with your Thanksgiving décor. Place it in the center of your table, add a few mini pumpkins, oranges and candles on either side.

Give your home a good sage cleansing

With people moving in and out of your home, and you also moving in and out of other people’s homes for parties and gatherings, it’s important to sage after each event. This will clear this pace of any negative energy that may have been brought in by someone else or that you might have brought in from visiting someone else’s home.

Play music throughout your space

One of our favorite ways to clear energy is through the use of mantras. We have mantras playing in our showroom to charge the crystals and jewelry and to keep them clear of negative energy of anyone who might come in. Music is also a powerful tool for inviting positive energy in. You can use Tibetan mantras, Sanskrit chants, angel music or any other music that may be representative of what holiday spirit means to you.

Disperse Scent

Pine, cypress and eucalyptus scents cleanse a space of negative energy and create a holiday scent in the home. Boil water on your stove and place the live herbs in the pot to create an easy aroma throughout your living area. You can also use essential oils for easier placement throughout various rooms.

Decorate with flowers

Use freshly cut yellow and orange flowers to decorate your space for Thanksgiving. They invite in the energy of sun, which fosters joy, light and peace. Float fresh cranberries in the water with your flowers for added color and spirit! If you are visiting someone else’s home, it is beautiful gift that they will appreciate, and also it will harmonize the space you are entering.

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