Heather’s Tips for Energetic Holiday Prep

When you set the table for the holidays, you probably know to include placemats, utensils and dish ware, but what if we told you that you could also add the element of energy to holiday prep to create the ultimate seasonal vibes? Once you learn how to craft a crystal centerpiece, you’ll never want to set your table decor without it. Let’s face it, the holidays can be an emotionally charged time. As they approach, the feelings that we associate with the season inevitably follow. Regardless of how long you’ve been on a spiritual journey or how long you’ve been working on yourself, the holidays are often still a time that can trigger our vulnerabilities. This leaves many of us wondering how we can use crystals to navigate through the holidays with the most positive energy possible.

Crystal expert, holistic healer and Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, always incorporates crystals into the environment of her home, but in this week’s edition of Heather LIVE, she’s revealing how to switch up your crystal decor for the holidays with this guide to making your own crystal centerpiece. Watch the full video above to see Heather answer viewer questions on energetic holiday prep like which crystals to bring for protection at holiday parties, and how to keep your own energy from getting drained when you host.    

Crafting a Crystal Centerpiece

Heather likes to use crystals on the dining room table to create an alter-like effect, where the energy is being held and radiated from one healing spot. Using stones that carry a very earthly energy helps to ground, not only the space, but also the conversation. This energy introduces a fluidity that keeps people from getting caught up in old patterns, which may have negatively affected gatherings in the past. We can’t control what others will say or do, but we can tap into the beautiful world of energy and the Earth to create a peaceful influence in our home. To set your table with positive energy, start with one crystal and build around it.  

This year, Heather will be using a petrified wood plate as the base of her crystal centerpiece. Petrified wood has a stabilizing energy, which makes a welcome energy for those looking to ease holiday anxieties. A petrified wood plate can be used as a cheese platter, or you can simply add the neutral-toned crystal as a focal point in your fall and winter decor. Before placing the crystal on the table, hold it in your hands and give a job. Say aloud what intention you would like this crystal to carry: I want this crystal to hold the intention of having harmonious conversations around the holiday table, and creating a fluid dynamic that helps everyone to get along.

After putting your petrified wood plate in the center of the table, Heather suggests placing a crystal point on top of the plate. Crystal points are wonderful energy magnifiers that assist you in giving your energy a direction. Placing one on top of your petrified wood plate will amplify the intention you set for it, and direct the energy up into the universe. You can give this stone an intention of its own, by asking that it guide the energy of the evening with clarity, positivity and vibrancy.

It just wouldn’t be a centerpiece without plants. Plants boost feng shui, and add elements like life, bloom and joy to the table. Heather enjoys implementing plants like flowers into her decor, because she feels their presence can be therapeutic to the soul. She suggests white roses, as they help to purify the environment. (In her book Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You, the ritual that she curated for healing the heart after a breakup includes using white roses to purify the bed of past energy.) When someone’s been sick or the energy of the home is dull even after saging, you can bring in white roses to purify the space with floral medicine. The same reasoning goes in using white roses in your centerpiece. It ensures that the energy of the table remains cheery.

Amber is an essential stone to have on the holiday table. While many may think of amber as a beauty stone, since it is widely used to promote inner and outer rejuvenation, the confident energy that amber inspires is also very protective. It keeps guests from feeling afraid to speak, and encourages them join in the celebrations.  

Heather’s MUSTs for Energetic Holiday Prep:

Sage It Out

Before your guests arrive, and after they leave, remember to sage your space. You sage before to create an ambience of purity and peace, and sage after to remove the stress of hosting as well as the energy left behind by your guests.

Don’t Forget the Sweetness

To bring in the sweet energy, burn sweetgrass after sage. Where sage works to cleanse energy, sweetgrass serves to elevate it and bring in the positivity.

Fill the Air with the Scent of Cinnamon

Put a pot of water on the stove, and boil a 4 or 5 pieces of cinnamon. You can even add a couple pieces of clove or other herbs to spice up your holiday scents. After reaching a boil, bring the water down to a simmer. This will fill your home with the warm, calming essence of cinnamon.

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