Easy Feng Shui Tips to Help Keep New Years Resolutions

NY Resolution 1: Find a Better Job.

Display images of people whose career & professional life you admire in the North area of your Bagua. The North area is connected to the flow of energy in your career life, also called Path in Life.

NY Resolution 2: Find Love
In feng shui terms, the real test of love energy is to honestly evaluate the state of your bedroom. Here is a little feng shui “checklist” for your bedroom:

  1. Do you like all the decor and colors that surround you in your bedroom?
  2. When you wake up in the morning do you feel happy with what you see?
  3. Before falling asleep, do you feel “cocooned” and “nurtured”, no matter with or without a partner?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, do set aside some time to create a clear feng shui plan on how can you start feeling and expressing self-love by creating a nurturing and sensual bedroom.heart

NY Resolution 3: Improve your Financial Situation

You must encourage a good energy flow in your money area (Southeast feng shui bagua area). This can be done with:

  • Healthy, lush green plants
  • A beautiful water feature (actual or an image)
  • Colors blue, green, and brown, the colors of the feng shui elements of Wood and Water. You can also add the colors of the feng shui element of Earth, as Earth supports the Wood element.


NY Resolution 4: Lose Weight
The first place you should focus your feng shui efforts when trying to lose weight is your kitchen. Your want a clutter-free kitchen that has a feng shui sense of freshness and lightness to it, so do give your kitchen a thorough cleaning and let go of the foods you know you should avoid in order to lose weight.

Feng shui color-wise, go for a calm color that will curb the appetite, such as blue, or choose green, a very healing feng shui color.

Display bottles of water, as well as fresh herbs & greenery. Aerate the space often. Lightness and freshness are the keywords for a feng shui kitchen that will help you lose weight.kitchen

NY Resolution 5: Achieve Better Health
Below are the “must-have” feng shui priorities for a home that will support vibrant health:

  1. Fresh, good quality air. Easier said than done, I know. Very often ignored, good quality air is indeed the # 1 feng shui health priority. Work with feng shui air-purifying plants, open the window often to aerate the space, use essential oils to clear the air, use air-purifiers, etc. Do whatever it takes to find solutions for better air in your home; breathing clean air regularly is the feng shui foundation for your health and well-being.
  2. Sufficient natural light. This also includes intelligent, smart indoor lighting. I know this feng shui step, again, is easier said than done. Once you focus on the quality of light, though, you will very quickly sense a shift in your health and well-being. Light is our #1 nutrient, be wise and give your body enough light nutrition.
  3. A clutter-free space. Clutter constantly drains energy from you. Be serious and realize that no amount of wind chimes, good feng shui colors or feng shui plants will negate the low, depressing energy of clutter.


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