Easing Anxiety with Apophyllite

Easing Anxiety with Apophyllite

Anxiety hits like a natural disaster—quick and devastating. You can board up the windows and prepare for the worst, but when the worst hits, there is no way to know how you will mentally cope. Where once your mind was your shelter, supporting your thoughts, secrets, doubts and hopes, suddenly a wave of anxiety washes through you, and scatters your shelter into a million tiny fragments. The result is crippling. Your mind is no longer a safe space. It is shattered. How can you fix anything when it seems everything is broken? Overwhelmed, your mind reaches for something solid, some shred of sanity to grab onto. In a stressed-filled moment where you feel like a breakdown is constantly 30 seconds away, give yourself something- an Apophyllite crystal – to literally hold onto and. just. breathe.

This Apophyllite crystal ritual seeks to rebuild through breath. Holding the apophyllite, you release the tension within your mind by providing a new point of focus. I like to use apophyllite because of the pyramidal structures that naturally form on its surface. Light is absorbed and reflected within the stone. The mineral’s high water content makes it the ideal conductor for the energy that you are looking to dispel, as well as the energy you are looking to bring in.

Give yourself a moment to focus on nothing except this crystal, and the transfer of energy. While it may seem tempting to try and use this quiet moment as a time to solve your problems, let this instead be the moment before the solution, when you sit amongst the ruins that anxiety created, and believe that everything will be okay. Visualize, then actualize.

An Apophyllite Crystal Ritual to Ease Anxiety

Perform this ritual at the moment feel yourself beginning to lose your breath and spin out of control.

What you’ll need:

Ritual Steps

  1. Grab your apophyllite and find a quiet, uncluttered space wherever you are, where you feel comfortable and safe.
  2. Close your eyes and hold your apophyllite to your heart. Feel it sucking away the negativity. Feel the light beginning to fill your being.
  3. Force the toxic energy of your anxiety out through your mouth, and breathe the positive energy in through your nose. Continue this deep breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel it slowing your heart beat. Breathe out the dark, breathe in the light. Breathe out the dark, breathe in the light.
  4. Repeat the mantra, this will pass, with each exhaling breath, until you can feel a peace begin to grow and settle the chaos in your mind.
  5. Once you feel more like yourself, and that the panic and anxiety has passed, open your eyes and reacclimate yourself to your surroundings. You did it! The moment has passed.
  6. Cleanse your apophyllite crystal so that it is ready and waiting when you need it.


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