The Message of Earth Day

earth day

The new moon, on April 18th, 2015, moved into the astrological sign of Aries. This energy ushered in the frequency of courage, inspiration and moving forward. However, the big message of this new moon is to hold more light and raise your vibration. How do you do this exactly? One of the most powerful ways is to work with healing crystals. You can hold them in your hands, lay them on your body, wear crystal jewelry and place them in your environment. Bringing the power of healing stones and crystals into your energy field is the quickest way to reconnect with the energy of Mother Earth.

Today is Earth Day and the energy of the Earth has three messages for the human race. These messages are simple: slow down, spend time with nature and live in the now. Healing crystals want you to touch and feel them. They love to be appreciated for all the little things that make them unique unto themselves. To fully connect with a crystal, it’s important to first take the time to stop and check in with yourself, and then check in with the crystal. Checking in can be as simple as looking at it. It is the conscious attention of focused intention and energy. In that moment, the crystal energy of the Earth speaks. It vibrates to the frequency of LOVE.

The energy of Earth, in its purest form, is always speaking to us through the trees, through a colorful sunset or through the dew dripping off a leaf as the sun rises, birthing a new day. In these simple moments, the truth of who we are stares back at us. We are beauty, we are empowered, we are loved, we are unique and we are here on Earth for a reason. In honor and respect for Earth day, its time to wake up to our inner self in a deeper and more profound way. It is time for a complete knowingness that we are worthy, lovable and perfect just as we are. We hold this truth within us. Mother Earth is pulsating with LOVE, and the more we respect ourselves, the more we will respect the Earth. It is a direct correlation.

In honor, respect and gratitude. Happy Earth Day.

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