Dumortierite, The Stone of Patience

Dumortierite Meaning

Dumortierite is the Stone of Patience, opening the doors of insight and activating the third eye chakra. It is a powerful healing gemstone that helps you to take the necessary steps to overcome hardships and find solutions to any problems you may be facing. Another of the dumortierite healing properties is its ability to bring order to chaos. When faced with a problem or a fork in the road, this crystal helps you to see both sides of the issue so that you can weight all your options before choosing the outcome. It also helps you to transform any belief systems you may have that no longer serve your soul purpose. The dumortierite properties and dumortierite meaning is believed to help you consciously reprogram your mind and cut all ties with outworn, negative thoughts that are holding you back from being who you truly are.

These special Dumortierite stones teach you that it is important for you to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. They encourage you to take control of your own life and your own spiritual journey. It inspires you to have a more positive attitude and outlook on your life, encouraging courage, trust in yourself and harmonious energies to help you overcome your fears.

Dumortierite is a very spiritual stone that also helps to facilitate a deeper connection and communication with your angels and spiritual guides to help you see the good in people all around you.  We have just recently discovered the power and energy behind the dumortierite meaning, and are very excited to finally offer an Energy Muse bracelet made with these gemstones, the Spiritual Independence Bracelet. This gemstone was perfect for this piece because to us, spiritual independence is symbolic of being true to your mind, your body and your spirit. It is all about having the ability to honor and respect all the aspects of yourself that make you who you are. Being independent allows you to connect to the Earth and to connect to yourself with a strong and empowered state of mind.

One of the best ways to use Dumortierite and to really experience the dumortierite meaning is to use them in meditation. Hold two to three stones in each of your hands—and wear your Spiritual Independence Bracelet, if you have one—while you sit down to meditate. Once you begin wearing and using Dumortierite regularly, you will begin to see an increase in your patience and overall energy flow. It will help to further your spiritual journey, helping you to let go of all the things that no longer serve your best interest. You can also try wearing or using Lapis Lazuli with your Dumortierite. These two healing stones create a powerful energy combination to magnify the energy of the other.

If you want to learn more about healing crystals and their meanings, check out our About Healing Gemstones page or head over to our Pinterest Board, Crystals and Their Meanings. Each week we will pin new healing gemstones and their energies. Repin your favorites and spread the healing energy!

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