Decorate Your Tree For Prosperity

Let’s face it: the holidays are full of warmth, presents, carols, and cheer— but they’re also full of spending lots of money on gifts and doing damage to our wallets. Naturally, prosperity is something that we would love to attract during the holiday season. So where can you place your Christmas tree to attract abundance in your household this season?

According to feng shui consultant Claire Amber, there are nine sections in our home that attract different energies. The one for abundance is in the left back corner, known as the “wealth and abundance gua.”


Claire further explains, “Even just the intention of having your tree be a cure for prosperity can have an impact. Placing the tree in the prosperity area of your home, or the prosperity area of your living room, can jazz up your energy even further, as long as it makes sense for the natural flow of your home.

How does this cure work? Well, the main element for the prosperity area is fire. Trees are made of wood. Wood fuels fire. Therefore, placing a tree in your prosperity area can help fuel the fire of that section and increase the flow of prosperity in your life! Also, the best colors for the prosperity area are red, green, purple and gold. These are popular Christmas colors, too! Use them in this space to jazz up the energy even further.”

If you don’t have space or decided not to get a tree this year, there are other alternatives to attract prosperity into your home! A mini tree with the same intention works just the same, or even a picture of a tree placed in the prosperity corner of the room of your choice. Regardless of the method, Claire recommends that the space around the tree should be clutter-free, as chaos can obstruct the cure from working properly.

Now that you know WHERE to place your tree, how do you set your intention?

“One you decide on the materials and placement, and have them in place, set the cure. You can do this by standing near the tree, envisioning prosperity (either something specific or the best possible outcome), saying the words “prosperity, abundance, wealth” nine times, and waving your hand in a circle, clockwise, as you do so.”

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