Daily Karma Cleanse with Phantom Quartz

Phantom Quartz, Daily Karma Cleanse

Phantom quartz crystals are symbolic of the many phases and cycles of life. A phantom forms in a crystal when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted and then it continues to grow again afterwards. Similar to our own personal journeys, the phantoms represent the obstacles and triumphs we face in our present and past lives.

white phantom quartzA karma cleanse using white phantom quartz is powerful for that very reason. The phantom quartz meaning is to connect us with the issues we face in this life and in previous lives. When we are in need of clearing karma, we experience constant “road blocks” that prevent us from becoming our highest self. Continuously working with white phantom quartz is said to remove impacted layers of karma, paving the pathway for the karma of grace to come into fruition.

When doing a karma cleanse, the first thing to do is to pin point exactly what issue in your pathway you want to focus on releasing. A karmic issue is a pattern you notice occurring with different people, but it is always the same issue. An example of one may be something like the inability to forgive or trust in relationships. Once you focus your attention on the issue, you can begin your ridding yourself of past life karma.

Karma Cleansing with Phantom Quartz

  1. Sitting or laying down, hold white phantom quartz crystal in each hand. Having one in each hand allows you to activate the right and left side of your energy system, body and brain.
  2. Bring your focus to your mind and dive deeply into the issue. Think about how the issue has deeply impacted your heart, your personal power and your belief system.
  3. After reflecting on how this issue is ingrained in you, visualize a stream of white light circling in an oval shape from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet (through all the chakras). Imagine the white light releasing old darkness, shadows and beliefs from your system.
  4. Repeat this karma clearing practice for a minimum of 21 days, committing yourself to ending the cycle of the issue.


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    Julia Marie

    Thank you for the great information, on this post and many others. I am particularly interested in purchasing crystals. How do I know who is a reliable source and are there dangers of buying crytals of touched by negative energies?

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    Josephine Ludwig

    I love energy muse !!!!!
    Your products are wonderful!!!!

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