Crystals for Psychic Protection

crystals for psychic protection

All of us could use a little psychic protection. You always want to make sure that your energy is 100% yours and that your energy field does not become muddled with the energy others are giving off. This is where using crystals for psychic protection is beneficial. These protection crystals create an invisible energetic shield around your body that protects you from any unwanted influences and negative energy. What type of unwanted influences are we talking about? It can be anything from overwhelming negativity to feeling stuck or depressed or picking up someone else’s energy. For example: you are going about your day, feeling happy, hopeful and energized. Then, you walk into an restaurant for lunch and are seated next to two people having a heated argument. The space feels heavy. And now you leave that space feeling heavy, drained and less optimistic then when you entered the restaurant–because you have allowed the environment and other people’s energy to permeate your body’s energy field.

This scenario happens to almost everyone multiple times a day. You can tell yourself over and over that you will not let it effect you, but sometimes, its just out of our control. Wearing crystals for psychic protection helps to minimize the negative energy from entering your energy field and provides psychic attack protection. Some of the strongest crystals for protection are Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Hematite and Jet. Each of these protection crystals has different properties, but they all work to create an energetic shield and rid your body of negative energies. Everyone will have a different preference to which ones work best for them. Trust your intuition and go with what you are the most drawn to or what feels good on your body.

There are different ways to use your crystals for psychic protection. One of the easiest ways to ensure they always remain with you is finding a piece of protection jewelry to wear each and everyday. We have created our psychic protection bracelet, with Hematite and Black Onyx, just for that. You can also carry a piece of Black Tourmaline or other protection crystal in your pocket throughout the day. Whichever you feel is more powerful for you. You may want to try a few different crystals for protection first. Hold each one and see how they feel with your energy. Choose the one that you resonate with the most.

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