Crystals for the Holidays + Holiday Travel

Crystals for the Holidays + Holiday Travel

The holidays can be stressful, but focusing on the positive aspects, rather than the negative ones, can help you to embrace and enjoy the festivities. Turning your home into a holiday haven is certainly one way to shift into a positive perspective and boost your merriment. This season should be about creating an abundance of love and gratitude for the people around you. By decorating with the high vibes of crystals for the holidays, you can create a space that’s safe from seasonal stress. If you’re traveling to a home away from home for the holidays, then you’ll need to take your crystals on the road to maintain your calm in the chaos of the busiest travel time of the year. Whether you’re staying in or traveling for the holidays, preserve your sanity and cheery spirit with these crystals for the holidays:

—Crystals for the Holidays—

Black Kyanite

Let’s face it, sometimes the key to maintaining a cheery disposition during the holidays is cutting the energy cords between you and others. As much as we love our family and friends, the holidays can be trying. Whether it’s prodding questions about your personal life or unsolicited advice, nobody knows how to push our buttons like those we love. Don’t take it to heart and learn to cut the cord instead with black kyanite. Black kyanite healing properties absorb negativity and help you to ensure that the only energy in your field is your own. Before AND after holiday parties, practice cutting energy attachments by tracing the edge of your body with a piece of black kyanite.


If you’re hosting, you have enough to deal with, without adding other people’s drama into the mix. For a stress-free gathering, ease tensions and enhance peaceful positivity with the apophyllite mineral. It’ll look like a beautiful ice sculpture amongst your other winter decorations. No one will have to know that it’s there to ensure the temp isn’t the only thing remaining chill during your party.  

Blue Lace Agate

Not only will this stone blend right into your winter wonderland aesthetic, it will also promote great conversations at your holiday party. Take it with you to celebrations if you have a hard time expressing yourself the way you want. Blue lace agate is known to fuse with the throat chakra to clear any energy blocks that you’re prone to having. Increase your confidence, and join the conversation with blue lace agate – one of our must-have crystals for the holidays.  

Take 5-minutes to breathe through any holiday stress with your crystals in hand! Heather Askinosie, Energy Muse co-founder, crystal expert and holistic healer, has created this simple guided meditation for you to use throughout the season.

—Crystals for Travel—

Crystals for Travel Bag

This almost makes it too easy. Our crystals for travel bag with shungite, malachite, labradorite, rhodonite, moonstone and amethyst has everything you need to have a pocket full of peace no matter what lines you get stuck in, or delays you incur. The shungite is a must when traveling by plane, as it works to absorb the EMFs cast off by everyone’s tech devices. Use the malachite to tune into your wisdom when making quick decisions. The labradorite is said to be a destiny stone, that will help protect you by ensuring you manifest the perfect trip. You’re going to need a heap of compassion and understanding for those travelers having a tougher time than most, and rhodonite is the stone that will help you grant it to them. Moonstone will induce a serene sense of calm (or as close to it as you can get in your situation), as the amethyst works to boost your intuition + relaxation.   


Thought of a universal healer, this stone is ideal for whatever emotional turmoil you may encounter while traveling. If you have turquoise jewelry, this is the time accessorize with all of it. Lending you strength and increased energy, a turquoise stone is one of the most beneficial crystals for travel when you’re struck with difficult situations. It is also believed to attract an abundance of good fortune, which may prove to be the difference between lucky and unlucky circumstances on the road.     

Dendritic Agate

Let this protective amulet keep watch over your spirit throughout the holiday season. There’s no surprise worse than the unexpected plot twist that happens hundreds of miles from home. Carry a dendritic agate in your carryon, or wear it in our For the Wanderluster necklace. It’ll bring you peace of mind when you need it most.


These go-to crystals for the holidays really is the cure all for stress, and the perfect remedy for travel stress. As far as crystals for travel go, selenite is one you’ll want to wear wherever you go. It cleanses and elevates energy. So if you’re vibing low, tune into selenite to recharge your spirit with the power of positivity. We have all varieties of selenite crystals for sale on our website!   

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