Crystals for Protection to Create an Energy Shield

Crystals for Protection to Create an Energy Shield

When we were kids, if we were afraid of a shadow or a bump in the night, we could pull the bedsheets over our heads and convince ourselves that we were protected. As adults, we know that protection doesn’t come so easily. We’re responsible for protecting ourselves and our own wellbeing, but we don’t always put a priority on protection. We strive for financial security, but don’t devote the same effort to emotional care. The more we tell ourselves that needing a sense of protection is not a weakness, the more we can grant ourselves the permission to conserve our wellbeing. We all have a scared kid inside of us that is susceptible to the toxic energy of others. It’s okay to admit that sometimes you need an energy shield for impressionable energy. Emotional protection starts with having empathy for yourself. Don’t let your doubts and insecurities be your own worst enemy. Similarly, don’t allow other to pass on their doubts and insecurities to you. Build a shelter within yourself that is founded on confidence, compassion, understanding and love. With this crystal ritual, solidify your energy shield with these powerful crystals for protection. For this point on, whenever you feel your resolution wavering, devote time to adding durability and protection to your shelter by returning to ritual.

Protective Energy Shield Activation with Crystals for Protection

What you’ll need:

  • 1 sage cleansing set or clearing methods of your choice.
  • 1 Golden Sheen Obsidian Heart // As one of the best crystals for protection, it acts as a protective shield, deflects and repels negativity and releases blockages. The golden sheen that shimmers within this crystal aligns you with the divine, which is beyond space and time.
  • 1 Silver Sheen Obsidian Heart // Wards off negativity and cleanses the auric field. It allows you to ground into the Earth and connect to the cosmos. The silver sheen assists you in tapping into your inner wisdom so that your greatest potential shines forth.
  • 1 Shield Bracelet Set for your right wrist.
  • 1 Protection Bracelet or Protection Wrap for your left wrist.
  • Optional: 1 Energy Clearing Necklace to energetically keep your mind, body and spirit clear.

Time frame: 11 minutes

Protective Energy Shield Activation Steps: Do this ritual with crystals for protection when you feel that you need an extra layer of protection around you.

  1. Sage your space, and yourself to ensure that your energy is clean and clear.
  2. Place your Shield Bracelets on your right wrist and your Protection Bracelet on your left wrist to create a power banding combination for protection as you go about your day.
  3. Laying down on your back, place your Golden Sheen obsidian over your heart and the Silver Sheen obsidian over your first, root chakra.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize a bubble filled with white light around your entire body. See the exterior part of the bubble as a mirror that reflects out, so that it deflects any unwanted energy.
  5. State out loud: I command that I raise my vibration to a higher level. I vibrate above fear, negativity and self imposed limitation. I vibrate with love and light. I know with every cell of my being that I am never alone. I call upon my protection angels to come to me now and shield me from any unwanted energy.
  6. Lay with the stones on your body for 11 minutes. See these crystals for protection acting as a sponge absorbing what no longer serves you. See the gold and silver infusing your body with light and love.
  7. After the 11 minutes, rinse the stones off with purified water and place them outside under the Sun for 4 hours to recharge.
  8. Repeat this ritual to activate that extra layer of protection and energy shield around you.

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