Crystals for Peace, Love & Harmony in the Home

crystals for peace

Your home is such a sacred space. It is where you and your family have built your life together. It is where your children and loved ones reside. So naturally, you want to keep the peaceful and positive energies flowing to create harmony in the home. Using crystal grids in your home is extremely powerful because it creates a union between sacred geometry, your intention and your intention for your space. It is constantly putting out your intention and positive energy, once you create and activate it. Placing a crystal grid filled with crystals for peace and love will fill your home with soothing and harmonious energies to create a wonderful environment for your family.

Some of our favorite crystals for peace are Fluorite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Agate. Using our Flower of Life crystal grid cloth, Energy Muse co-founder, Heather Askinosie, has created this powerful crystal grid to bring peace, love and harmony into your home. Learn how to re-create it in your space!

Crystal Grid for Peace, Love & Harmony

Crystal Grid for Peace, Love & Harmony

Here are the healing stones and tools you will need:

Find a central place in your home to set up your grid with your crystals for peace, love and harmony. Lay your crystal grid cloth so that it lays flat. We like to place other sacred objects, like crystal points, singing bowls, sage and candles, around our grid–feel to free to use whatever you like! Place your folded paper with your intention for your space in the center. (We didn’t place one in the photo so you could better see the placement of the stones). Starting from the outer circle of your grid, place your 8 Clear Quartz stones, 4 Jade stones and 4 Agate stones; we created a pattern for ours, but you can use your intuition when placing yours! The Clear Quartz energizes and activates the energy of all the other stones on your grid. Often just thought of as a prosperity stone, Jade brings peace, happiness and harmony. It also promotes the flow of money and abundance into your home. Agate carries strong healing and protective energies, bringing those into your space.

Next, in the middle “circle”, place your 4 Citrine stones, 4 Amethyst stones and 4 of your Fluorite Stones. Citrine radiates light, filling your home with happiness, joy and positive energy. Amethyst brings calming, soothing and peaceful energies. It also replaces any negative energy with positive energy, helping to cleanse the energy of your home. Fluorite is one of the best stones for energy cleansing as it neutralizes all negative energies. It facilitates the flow of positive energy, helping to rejuvenate the energy of your home.

In the innermost circle, place your 6 Rose Quartz stones. Having Rose Quartz in your home brings the energy of love. It helps everyone to release any stress, tension, anger and resentment, replacing these energies with inner peace. It helps to unite the people (and pets!) within your home, bringing more positivity. Lastly, place your remaining Fluorite Stone in the center of your grid and activate your grid. Give this crystal grid filled with crystals for peace, love and harmony a try, and see if you notice a difference in the energy of your space!


  • Reply June 10, 2015


    I intend to create a grid using these crystals (and a few others) specifically charged and directed toward my fish and his wellbeing. I have him in a huge bowl on a table with nothing else on it, and I want to make his bowl the center of the grid, but I’m not positive that the grid will have the same charge with him in the center as opposed to using a Fluorite Stone in the center. Do you think I should put the crystal in the center, perhaps inside his bowl?

    • Reply June 10, 2015


      Hi Josephine! It sounds like a wonderful idea to create a crystal grid around your fish bowl. The grid will still be just as powerful with your fish bowl in the center! The power of the crystal grid comes from the union of energies created between your healing stones, the geometric pattern they are in and your intention. So placing him in the center will direct the energy and your intentions towards him. We would suggest not placing a crystal actually in his bowl because you wouldn’t want to change the mineral content of his water or anything! You may also want to use Aquamarine stones and Abalone shell, as they are connected with the energy of the ocean and will be wonderful for your fish. Hope this helps!

  • Reply March 16, 2016



    Thank you for sharing this information, it is generous of you.
    I would like to know if the crystals for peace, love and harmony in the home is the best crystal grid to use if I am dealing with a vindictive apartment neighbor. The family resides on the same floor as me/next to me. This vindictive behavior began (to disturbed my sleep late and night and early morning hours) immediately after I addressed noise issues with them.

    Kind Regards,

    • Reply March 21, 2016


      Hello, this can certainly help. You may also want to read our blog post about protecting your home from negative energy.

      • Reply March 21, 2016


        Thank you very much for the link with information on how to protect my home from negative energy. I have been using the majority of what is shared, however, I have not thought of putting black tourmaline in the corners of each room and will try that.

        Namaste & Kind Regards,

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