Using Crystals for New Beginnings to Set Intentions

Using Crystals for New Beginnings to Set Intentions

Does it ever feel like life has turned into a game of Simon Says? If you don’t remember playing that game as a kid, the concept was pretty simple. Someone makes commands, and you follow only the ones that start with, “Simon Says.” Eventually, we grow up and stop playing this game. Instead, as adults, we play a variation of it that we’ll call, Society Says. We invest a lot of energy into doing what society says. Society says get a job, pay your bills, get a house. Of course these things can be important life steps, but what about the commands that our soul is sending?

When our heart yearns to travel, invest in a new passion, or open up to new experiences, why don’t we focus on those signals like we focus on the demands of society? If striving for the goals that you thought you were supposed to pursue hasn’t left you with the satisfaction that you thought it would, it’s time to turn your attention inward. Using crystals for new beginnings helps you to discover what will really bring you joy. Setting intentions with a crystal for new beginnings is the perfect way to break free of doing what others say, and start doing what works for YOU.

What you’ll learn:

  • What does it mean to set an intention
  • Which crystals to use for setting intentions
  • How to set an intention with crystals for new beginnings

What is Intention Setting + Why Should We Do It

Setting an intention requires you to identify a shift that you would like to make, and commit to creating a change. We like using crystals to set intentions because it helps us find that space of authenticity within. Crystals that are attuned to transformation are ideal for intention setting because they push you to recognize the changes you need to make. Change, and having the courage to strive for your goals, can be challenging. Connecting with the energy of crystals for new beginnings guides you through the stress, doubts, fears and judgements that arise when you set your sights on new dreams.

Crystals for New Beginnings + Setting Intentions

Citrine: is a manifestation stone that will inspire you to seek out an abundance of happiness.

Aragonite: is a crystal for new beginnings that helps you to breakthrough past anger, judgements or beliefs that are holding you back from a more fulfilling future.

Spirit Jasper: won’t allow you to continue perpetuating a vision of yourself that no longer feels true. This is one of those crystals for new beginnings that beckons you to be honest with yourself, so that you can chase your true ambitions.

Chrysocolla: brings a motivating focus that guides you to abandon negative thought patterns, to make space for more important things like unblocked self-expression, creativity, and love.

Malachite: is another crystal for new beginnings that will force you to confront those difficult realities. But through that tough introspection, you get to emerge more aware of your wants and how to achieve them.

Amazonite: is the stone of courage. It promotes confidence and excitement when starting a new chapter in your life. It helps with anxiety, self neglect and mood swings and encourages living a healthy lifestyle.

How to Set Intentions with a Crystal for New Beginnings

Once you’ve selected the stone you want to work with, move to a quiet space in your home. Hold the crystal in the palms of your hands. Give yourself a moment to get in sync with its energy. Then state your intention out loud. It can be anything about the new beginning that you want to create for yourself. An example of an intention for a new beginning might be: I am ready to breakthrough onto a happier, and more fulfilling path. Try to be as specific as possible. The sharper the focus of your intention is, the more clarity you will have in pursuing it. Then place the stone somewhere that can be easily seen each day. It will serve as a daily visual reminder of the intention you’re striving for. Make sure to connect with it and even reestablish your intention when you feel yourself veering.

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