Let’s Talk About Crystals for Mental Health

Let's Talk Crystals for Mental Health

It seems that open and honest discussions about mental health occur only after tragedies, and dissipate as quickly as they spring up. Even when we do take the time to talk about mental health issues, there is a distinct way in which we deliver our opinions, that seeks to distance ourselves from the need for treatment. In truth, until we remove the stigma around mental health issues, and acknowledge the universal need for us all to invest in wellness techniques, many will refrain from getting the help they need out of shame. The benefit of using crystals for mental health and wellness is in part that it accepts our imperfect nature, and offers a healthy path toward self-improvement for all.  

Mindfulness daily practices can dramatically increase the mental health of everyone. It’s often not until we practice mindfulness, that we recognize how deeply we need it. Think about a situation that you overreacted to. Now think about how different that situation would have been if you had stepped away from the moment to just breathe. That’s the concept behind using wellness techniques to regroup and reach clarity before acting.

In fact, wellness methods like yoga, meditation and interactive journaling have even been adopted by some prisons, due to studies that have shown they can significantly reduce the chance of repeat offending. Imagine the effect these techniques would have on our quick-to-react society, if we all took a little time to practice self-reflection. Challenge yourself to implement at least one of the following wellness techniques using crystals for mental health in your daily life for 11 days, and see if it boosts your overall outlook. Through talking about and working on our own mental health, we not only experience the benefits to our wellbeing, we also take one step on the long road to overcoming mental health stigmas. 

3 Mindful Practices Using Crystals for Mental Health

Blue Lace Agate + Journaling

Journaling is an effective way to gain emotional stability, breakout of negative cycles and establish clarity for greater success in our careers and relationships. Holding our emotions in can keep us from moving past them, but for some, venting to others can cause discomfort. Journaling is a method that allows us to vent in a way that feels safe. Blue lace agate is the ideal crystal to use when journaling because it promotes internal honesty. It unblocks energy that is stuck in the throat chakra, and permits the truth to flow free.

Begin by writing about a situation that has been bothering you. When you finish, see if you can write the alternative perspective, or find anything positive in the experience. Do this each day, with an issue you feel that you need to work on. After 11 days, look back on your journal. Do you notice patterns about what bothers you? Are you able to recognize anything that you feel different about than you did when you started this process? The revelations we form during journaling can help us to understand our emotional triggers, and the areas that we can delve deeper into through meditation.

Meditation + Selenite and Smoky Quartz

Meditating with crystals for mental health is a great way to maximize our wellbeing. Anger arises from the same place where sadness does—feelings of vulnerability and being misunderstood. Whether you’re depressed, hot-tempered or somewhere in between, you can cleanse and uplift your spirit through dealing with those emotions in crystal meditation.

Pairing the stabilizing and purifying effects of selenite harmonizers, with the grounding and clarifying effects of smoky quartz, helps you to breathe in positivity as you as recognize and shift out of negativity. In a seat pose, place a smoky quartz cluster by your feet, and hold a selenite harmonizer in each hand. Meditate for at least 20 minutes each day, for 11 days straight. At the end of 11 days, document how you feel.

Head to our soundcloud account for free crystallized guided meditations.

Yoga + Shungite Cubes

The best thing we can do to aid our mental health is to detox from our own negativity. Exercise like yoga—which promotes circulation, a focus on breath, inner reflection and the release of endorphins—is known to increase emotional well-being. One of our favorite crystals for mental health, Shungite, emits a similarly grounding energy, and absorbs negativity to leave you feeling more harmonious in both your body and soul.

Place a shungite cube in each of the four corners of your yoga mat. During your daily practice, as you focus on breath and concentrating energy, visualize the release of your low vibing energy. Try not to think about situations that have been bothering you, and instead use this time to simply expel negativity from your being. After 11 days of this exercise, document how you feel. Are more emotionally stable than when you started? Are you less affected by issues that were tainting your happiness before?

The most important aspect of performing these mindfulness techniques for better mental health, is to be honest about your experiences. The more open we all are about our journeys, the less ashamed others will feel about addressing their own needs. Together, we can elevate the collective health of our society, one meaningful connection at a time.

Comment below and let us know how you felt after the 11 days using crystals for mental health! We want to hear about your experiences. 

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