Crystals for Friendship and Healing Any Conflict in Your Tribe

Crystals for Friendship and Healing Your Tribe

There are a lot of songs written about heartbreak, but none of them quite capture the particular heartbreak that comes with losing a friend. The connection we build with our best friend is unlike any other. This is a person who understands us better than anyone, who becomes our closest confidant and the person who we can trust to be there for us in our lowest moments. Losing that isn’t just losing a friendship, it’s losing an entire support structure that you thought would be in your life forever. Sometimes we simply grow apart from our friends as we naturally age and develop. If, however, your bond is one that remains healthy and meaningful, but is being threatened by a specific altercation or issue, then its worth that connection to try and heal your friendship before you cast that person away. We don’t think twice about working to mend our relationship when it comes to significant others, so why would we think that a friendship would require any less work to rebuild? There are many things that important to this healing process—from patience to communication and, of course, forgiveness. Using crystals for friendship to elevate your perspective will enhance your ability to ditch the ego and replace it with compassion for your friend. No crystal will act as a bandaid for the emotional wounds suffered—and we really don’t recommend handing a friendship crystal to an angry friend hoping it cures them of whatever they’re upset about. In using crystals for friendship and introspection, and then together as friends with the intention of forming a deeper understanding of one another, you can forge a bond that is stronger than before you fought.

Using Healing Crystals for Friendship

No Knee Jerk Reactions

Have these ever helped? Don’t say things that will satisfy you in the moment, but haunt you for life. Foster calm communication by taking a moment to think and breathe with Rose Quartz. This is loving friendship crystal delivers healing, purifying and clarifying energy to the heart chakra, and relaxing vibrations to the aura. This allows for thoughtful discussions about feelings, rather than heated, one-sided arguments which quickly escalate. Instead of walking into a conversation ready for confrontation, reframe your mindset to one of reconciliation. Before inviting your friend over to share feelings and get back to a place of love, sage your entire space. Get rid of the negativity that build up during the turmoil of your argument with this purification process, and be careful not to skip the windowsills, doorways or closets. Then, by yourself, sit in meditation with the rose quartz. This bring you to a place of peace, and make you more approachable to your friend.

Set an Intention for Reconciliation

At this time, your friend will likely be just as hurt as you. People can default to a defensive position when they’re vulnerable and feel they’re being attacked, so its important to preface the conversation with what you want to get out of it. And no, you can’t just say to forgive and forget. What is the energy that you would like your friend to bring into the friendship? What energy would they like to feel coming from you? Set the intention to before beginning the discussion to listen to what your friend has to say with an open-mind, compassion and understanding. Then allow them to do the same. A wonderful crystal for setting intentions with regard to forgiveness is rutilated quartz. The rutiles with the quartz have an amplifying effect on the healing properties of quartz, a major one of which is already amplification. This doubly powerful amplifying property helps to program and project your intention out into the universe. The rutiles are also believed to stimulate breakthroughs in forgiveness because of their ability to tear down emotional walls. If there are things that you or your friend have been holding back and allowing to stew inside, then set the intention to get that all out in the open with a rutilated quartz stone.

Cut the Negative Ties, Keep the Friend

Sometimes we think that if we want to cut someone’s negative energy out of our life, we have to cut them out. While this may be true in some cases, there are many in which it can be more beneficial to simply allow yourselves a bit of energetic distance. Should that be the case in your friendship, try not to let things simmer to a boil, and remedy the situation when you start to feel negatively influenced by their energy. This will help you avoid not being able to be there for your friend during their time of need, while also assuring that you’re not ignoring your needs in doing so. When you wake, and before you go to sleep, use black kyanite to cut away your emotional ties. Because you and your bestie are so connected, it can at times feel like the drain they are experiencing in their life, is also draining you. The black kyanite is helpful in times like these because is a protective stone. Hold the black kyanite in your hand and move it allow the edge of your body as if to make a cutout of yourself. Visualize the emotions strings attached to you being cut away by the kyanite. With the ability to reprogram your mindset and cleanse and align all chakras, black kyanite is the best for nurturing a weakened spirit back to full strength.

Face the Future

Once you’ve both had a chance to receive and process each other’s thoughts and feelings, and you’ve reached a point where you’re ready to move forward with forgiveness, remember to give it time and love. This a good moment to set another intention for your future together. Use two rhodochrosite stones to say allowed the kind of friend you want to be for each other. Think of these like an updated version of friendship bracelets – friendship crystals. Not only will these crystals for friendship make you think of each other when you look at them, but they’ll also reaffirm the intention you set with the rhodochrosite energy of emotional release, positivity, and selfless love. Close your healing session by making plans for the future, and remembering to remain sensitive to each other’s likely still raw feelings as you rebuild your bond.


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    Anne Pagels

    I absolutely loved reading your Energy Muse Blogs. They are filled with so much useful information for both, those who may be new to the benefits of stone and crystal energies and for those who already experience and use them.

    I have a display of various stones and crystals in my living room. These are not only a terrific conversation piece when guests arrive, but they are a constant reminder of the importance of staying connected and grounded to Mother Earth.

    Your Blogs have certainly provided me with more knowledge of the uses and benefits of crystal energies. Thank you for being a valuable resource of information.

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      Thank you so much for your kind words! We love that you’re learning so much from our blog 🙂

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