Healing Crystals to Cope with Depression

Healing Crystals to Cope with Depression

Very few things can accurately depict what it is like when depression sets in. Commercials for anti-depression medications have portrayed it as everything from a happy cartoon ball that’s lost its bounce, to a windup toy that can’t seem to wind up. It’s all too relatable for those whose depression has sucked the vigor and life energy right out of them. Depression makes you feel like you have to will yourself to get up the drive for even the simplest tasks. Misunderstanding of how depression affects the mind and body can lead to others seeing this lack of energy as a lack of effort. Developing a new climate of compassion and understanding will better not just those who suffer from it, but their loved ones as well.

Too many people feel embarrassed or ashamed of having this common mental condition. Whether your depression is chronic or occasional, there are simple things you can do to cope with the symptoms, and lessen the impact they have on your life. In making the decision to take action on your depression, start by simply acknowledging it to friends and family. Just as you prepare to help yourself with crystals for depression, calming, anxiety and happiness, they can use crystals for heightening awareness, compassion and gaining new perspectives. As you clear the cloud of depression that alters you outlook, you’ll feel the burden that once kept you from reaching out for help and love lift off your shoulders. Even if you use medication to cure chemical imbalances, you can still benefit from these coping techniques. By switching in a few healthy practices throughout the day, you can naturally alter the chemicals in your brain to bring some light to a situation that seems dark.

Healing Crystals for Depression

Lemurian Lift Off!

Calming Crystals for Anxiety: Sometimes the slope of the hole we’ve fallen into seems so steep, that trying to climb out feels futile. The natural horizontal striations of Lemurian seed crystals are symbolic of the ladder you need to climb out of your hole. Meditate with a pair of Lemurian crystals. Rubbing your thumb over the ridges will stabilize a chaotic mind, and ground you when your mind is flying from one worry to another.

Steam It Out—A Shungite Spa

Crystals for Depression: When you’re feeling emotionally clogged, release the flow of blocked emotions with a purifying steam. Shungite has long been known to have purifying properties. In Russia, the only place where Shungite can be found, Peter the Great opened spas in the springs that passed over Shungite rocks. It wasn’t until the late 90s that Shungite was scientifically proven to have fullerenes which, along with its dense carbon composition, purify water. If you feeling a bit stuffy with depression, place a Shungite stone in a cup and pour boiling hot water over it. Then bring your head over the cup, wafting the steam over your face. Feel it clear your nasal passages as it douses your skin with heat. Lift your head and feel the steam turn into cold dew on the face. This practice uses the properties of Shungite to recharge the mind, body and soul. Continue until the anxieties that are prohibiting you from taking positive steps in the right direction have dissipated. After this practice, go outside in the sun, take a series of deep breaths as you thank the Earth for cleansing your body, and pour the water back into the soil. Getting outside, displaying your gratitude and giving back to the Earth are all great ways to lift the spirits.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Adding Zest With Citrine

Crystals for HappinessThis crystal is named after the French word for “lemon,” and when you feel the zesty liveliness it exudes, you’ll understand why. Citrine is known to bring you into the now, which is especially helpful when your mind is stuck in the past. Manifest new opportunities, new perspectives and an abundance of positivity with the crystal for happiness. Add some aroma therapy with lemon essential oil as you meditate with citrine. The scent of lemon is a wonderful rejuvenator for energy. Combining these citrusy therapies will cleanse the mind and spirit of negativity, leaving nothing but joy in its place. When it’s time to recharge your crystal, set citrine on a slab of selenite or smoke it with sage. Saging your space along with your crystal will clear your home of the stagnancy it collected during your depressed state, and open it up to brighter energies. Carry Citrine with you when you leave the house for a pocket full of sunshine all day.

For a Friend—Aventurine to New Heights

Crystals for Compassion: When your depression has isolated you from important bonds, you can reconnect with Aventurine. This is a crystal of compassion, and lends energy toward the effort to understand and love more unconditionally. The foresight that Aventurine brings allows you to see a future of better communication and stronger connections. When you gift an Aventurine crystal to a friend or family member, you can use this as an opening to explain why your depression put distance between the two of you, and as well as discussing what you both need from each other to bridge that distance again.


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    Hi My name is Cassandra but I always go by Cassie for short. I’m 26 years old, mother of three children 5, 4, and 2 years old. Since I was little I always have problems around Me with family or anything that never went right for My life. I always try to be happy but always quiet but I always have that depression in Me all the time. I want to heal and be a whole different person by losing weight and taking care of myself a lot more but the first thing I want to do is change in a whole lot of healing way. I want steps on how to doing that and also I get lots of headaches and always tired.

    • Reply May 3, 2017


      Hi Cassandra! We would suggest perhaps starting with some Rose Quartz to foster self love, nurturing yourself and creating a routine of self love that you can do every single day. Start simple and small, and be consistent. We have a few simple self love practices that you will see can make a huge difference. We are sending you lots of positivity and light, and wishing you all the best.

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