4 Ways to Use Crystals for Compassion

4 Ways to Use Crystals for Compassion - Energy Muse Blog

As we take a look inside at what changes we can benefit from making this year, let’s also take a moment to reflect on what changes we can make that will benefit our society as a whole. Rather than allowing ourselves to devolve into another year of talking without listening, let’s try to find common ground with our fellow man through acts of kindness and compassion – and by using crystals for compassion.

Compassion allows us to bridge the gap of misunderstanding that divides us. With a growing sense of compassion comes a broadened and better developed perspective. Being more compassionate with others can help us at work, in our relationships, and in establishing new and meaningful connections. But it’s hard to be compassionate with others when you have no compassion for yourself.

Practice each of these tips for leading a more compassionate life on yourself, and if you find that they improve your sense of wellbeing, then apply them to the other people you come across in your life. Being compassionate isn’t always easy. Our mind leaps to conclusions, finds reasons to focus on differences rather than commonalities, and looks to do what is convenient over what is kind. To shift your mentality away from these impulses, you can use crystals for compassion.

Because compassion is a layered emotion, there are several different ways that you can improve your capacity for it. Read below to discover four easy ways to increase your compassion, and which crystals for compassion to use in your efforts:  

Crystals for Compassion


Through learning to be more accepting of mistakes and differences of opinion, you can begin to grasp a deeper understanding of others. Providing acceptance doesn’t have to mean condoning negative behavior. Rather, it aims to better comprehend where that negativity stems from. When people feel heard, they are less defensive. Hearing someone out, and lending an accepting ear can help them to process to their own negativity, and decipher what needs to change for themselves. This is also a great thing to remember for yourself, the next time you feel like beating yourself up over the past. Accepting what happened, even if you didn’t like it, can help you to learn from it and move on.

The best crystals for acceptance are lemurian seed crystal and rose quartz. The properties of Rose Quartz is ideal for blessing your heart chakra with loving understanding. The lemurian seed crystals help you to develop an elevated perspective that ascends previous points of view that were founded on hate or misunderstandings.  

Listen More

To truly listen is to do more than hear. If you find yourself listening for points to disagree with, rather than listening to someone else’s point of view, you’re not really listening; you’re arguing. Conscious listening means more than simply waiting to talk. It means accepting that information and processing it. Be mindful in the act of listening and allow yourself to stay present in their words, rather than retreating back to your own mind to judge.

Amethyst is a great crystal for listening because it soothes the urge to argue. The amethyst metaphysical properties sends to the crown and third eye chakras promotes a calm, thought exchange. Expand your perspective and learn to listen by syncing with the energy of amethyst.   

Take Action

We all need to do more. It sounds simple, because it is simple. And yet, it’s difficult to know where to start or what to do. Begin taking compassionate action in a small way by simply reaching out to someone going through a hard time. What seems like a small act to you, can mean the world to them. Then take bigger actions, like buying a meal for a homeless person, or volunteering your time for a cause you’re passionate about. Stay proactive in your compassion so that it’s more than a kind thought. The more you show compassion to others, the more they’ll feel inclined to spread that gift you shared with them.

A great crystal for taking action is carnelian. It helps you to tap into your passion and creativity. Connecting to the Carnelian energy guides you to discover where you’d like to focus your efforts, and then lends a surge of energy to your root and sacral chakras to motivate your actions.    

Be Genuine

When someone exposes a vulnerability to you, you may not know how best to convey your compassion. The rule of thumb in these circumstances is just to be genuine, and speak from the heart. Even when you don’t know what to say, a small heartfelt sentiment expresses more than you realize.

To better articulate your true feelings, infuse your spirit with the energy of blue lace agate. Blue lace agate assists communication by flooding your throat chakra with soothing energy. Instead of getting caught up in wondering what you should say, blue lace agate energy encourages you to speak what you feel.

If we all take more compassion into this year, we can come together to find deeper understanding, love and kindness in our day to day lives. Caring for others will open your mind to the goodness that surrounds you. Compassion has a chain effect that continues far beyond the place it began. Be the first link in the chain, and do something compassionate for someone else, today.

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    I really love crystals a lot because they are so cool and interesting. i wish that I had a lot of crystals right now.

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