Hot Tempered? Cool Your Vibes with Crystals for Anger

Hot Tempered? Cool Your Vibes with Crystals for Anger

Has your temperament been running a little hot? It makes sense that during these simmering summer months, crime rates spike. We’re not our best selves when we’re overheated. For those who are naturally on the moodier side, it’s even worse.

Mood swings affect everyone at some point in their lives. While for some, they are limited to hormone-riddled teenage years and menopause, for others, mood swings are a part of every day life. These souls have fire at their core. The same combustion that heats their temper, also fuels their passion and creativity. Their exciting and unpredictable nature both attracts people to them, and pushes people away. If this sounds like you, you’ve probably considered ways to address this issue in your life before.

It can be difficult to treat mood swings when you love your highs, but hate your lows. You don’t have to give up one to avoid the other. Instead, using crystals for anger to amplify the stabilizing efforts of anger management techniques can help to ease flare ups of negativity, and set your spiritual thermostat to cool. Whether you’re naturally short-tempered, or mercury retrograde and the back-to-back eclipses have just have you on edge, these mindful breathing practices combined a few of our favorite crystals for anger are important tools for everyone when it comes to restoring calm and maintaining positivity in stressful moments.

Mindful Breathing Practices with Crystals for Anger

Breathe with Blue Apatite

If you feel a swell of animosity over a conflict rising within you, its important to take a moment before you do or say anything. Blue Apatite is a great stone for you to have on hand, either in your purse or pocket. Use it as a touch stone when you hit the pause button on your anger. Take deep breathes in through the nose, and breathe them out through the mouth. Visualize your anger leaving you with each exhale. This is not to say that you don’t have a right to your feelings. You may be totally justified in being upset, but overreacting to the situation will overshadow the validity of your point. You have to find a middle ground between exploding with emotions, and harboring them because you’re afraid of what you might say. Breathing exercises help you to approach others from a calm state of being, so that you can actually be heard. Apatite both stabilizes moods, and facilitates the composed expression of your perspective.

Find an Outlet with Howlite

Passion is your strong suit, so use it as an outlet for those turbulent emotions. Rage is an uncomfortable emotion that is hard to control when it consumes you. For the benefit of yourself and those around you, it’s crucial that you learn to control it. As one of the calming crystals for anger, howlite makes that challenge a little easier. It helps you to tame your irritability, and channel that flood of energy into your work or hobby. With properties for tranquility and stress relief, howlite is the ideal crystal to stop an overreaction in its tracks. When you feel a wave of anger coming on, mentally step away from the situation by breathing for a few quiet moments with howlite in your palms. Then write your feelings out on a piece of paper, or draw in a coloring book. Journaling and meditative coloring are both mindful techniques to ease stress. Journaling can be especially beneficial, because it allows you to leave your feelings on a sheet of paper, and come back to them later with a cool head. Many times, after reading these feelings out, you can easily pin point which ones were well-founded, and which were the anger talking.

Relax with Rose Quartz and Amethyst

Energy, like life, is all about give and take. Through our left side, we receive energy, and out our right side, we give it. Use rose quartz and amethyst to create the energy that you want to embody. Take a timeout from whatever situation is bringing on bad energy, and practice this give and take with rose quartz and amethyst. In your left hand, hold amethyst. Amethyst is known for stress relief and heightening logical thought. If your anger is tainting your perception, amethyst quells the affect of anger so that you can think rationally. Having it in your left hand assures that this calming essence is the energy that you are bringing into the body. In your right hand, grip a rose quartz stone. This is the energy that you want to send out. The loving, compassionate and understanding energy of rose quartz will assist you in being more patient with those who may be frustrating you. As you hold these, visualize receiving and releasing these energies in accordance to your breathe. When you inhale, take in the energy of amethyst, and as you exhale, breathe out love and understand with the energy of rose quartz.

Using these short fixes to short temper, you’ll be more equipped to handle any situation. No longer will your anger dictate your life with crystals for anger in hand.


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    I think I will let my daughter know about this one 😉

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    I have some crystals and I think . I just place them in different areas of my apt But have never use it to bring out these aspirations , I also think I have pyrite ,kept it in my bathroom So enlightened..Will look forward and use it as you recommend.thanks so much .

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      Thank you for your kind words!

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