Crystals for Blood Pressure Problems

crystals for bloodpressure

The constant stress, never-ending activity and frenetic pace of modern life aren’t always good for the soul. And those things are also bad for the heart. In fact, Americans today experience more blood circulation and blood pressure problems than any other time in history. According to recent statistics, nearly one-third of American adults experience high blood pressure–that’s about 75 million people! Only half of those people have their condition under control – lowering blood pressure through some combination of medication, diet & exercise. While high blood pressure usually affects older Americans, it’s also becoming prevalent in younger people. Stress, poor exercise and eating habits have all contributed to these historically high rates of blood pressure problems.

Traditional blood pressure medications alleviate symptoms, but do they truly address underlying causes of stress, anxiety and chaos? More to the point, are they doing more harm than actual healing? Some of the effects of medications include kidney malfunction, vision issues, anemia, digestive problems, anxiety and many others. Are you looking to lower blood pressure naturally? Besides altering your diet and implementing an exercise regiment, there are several crystals for blood pressure that have historically been used in alternative healing modalities.

As you may be able to imply from the name, Bloodstone is one of the premier crystals for blood pressure problems. Although these healing stones are an all purpose healer and cleanser, Bloodstone stones are specifically beneficial for cleansing and purifying the blood, benefitting the circulatory system to help regulate blood circulation. Some believe that meditating with bloodstone daily can help to prevent high blood pressure, reducing irritability, stress and aggressiveness. Bloodstone also encourages overall health and wellness, energizing the body to encourage you to be more active.

Another one of the healing crystals for blood pressure is Lapis Lazuli. These healing stones help to eliminate toxins from your body and are believed to help high blood pressure problems. It helps with lowering blood pressure naturally while also boosting the immune system. Black Tourmaline is another beneficial crystal as it helps to regulate blood pressure and strengthen the nervous system. Sodalite stones can also help to lower high blood pressure. Place these crystals on your heart for 15-20 minutes each day, and carry (or wear crystal jewelry with them!) as needed.

Note: We must share the standard disclaimer that we are not a doctors and cannot give out medical advice.  Healing crystals for blood pressure should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. 


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    Fletcher Spritzer

    Very nice!

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    Jamarr Dail

    What is a gemstone i can carry for protection,money,love,and health

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      Specifically for protection, one of our favorite stones is Black Tourmaline. For money, try Aventurine, pyrite or citrine. For love, we recommend Rose Quartz for women and Malachite for men. And for health, we are loving Shungite lately!

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