How to Work with Healing Crystals

Crystals 101: How to Work with Healing Crystals

Welcome to Crystals 101!

If we were to give a real class on how to work with crystals, there would be a lot on the syllabus. Honestly, we could fill an entire “semester” with the crystal uses, rituals and facts that people should know. For a quick, crash course on crystal healing, however, the basics would have to include: how to use crystals for meditation, how to use crystals for abundance and how to cleanse your crystals. These are the issues most brought up to us when people begin dipping their toes into the world of crystal energy.

The most important thing to remember when wondering how to work with crystals, is to give it time. You need to sync with the energy of your crystals, establish a relationship and make sure that you are putting as much energy into your intentions as you’re asking your crystals to. When you have a positive mindset and the crystals to match, the possibilities for spiritual transformation are endless.

How to Use Crystals For Meditation     

Using crystals can take your meditation to the next level. For those of us who find that the most difficult aspect to meditation is turning off the mind, crystals are an essential asset. Grounding crystals, like shungite cubes, hematite palm stones or smoky quartz points, are helpful because they root your focus in the body. By transferring your concentration from an overcrowded mind to the peaceful state of your body, you’re able to go deeper in meditation. These grounding crystals are powerful influences on your root chakra, adding stability to your emotions. Use them by your feet when seated in a meditation pose.

If you’re looking more for how to use crystals for meditation and relaxation, you can try a crystal grid. Laying down, place a fluorite for peace on the crown chakra, an amethyst for stress relief on the third eye chakra, and a celestite stone on both cheeks to ease tension and anxiety. This facial grid can be done by itself, or you can add an blue lace agate on the throat chakra for open communication, and a quartz point in hand to radiate the intention of instilling calm, clarity in your life.

Crystals for Prosperity  

Often, what’s standing in the way between us and our career goals is our mindset. Whether we’re too afraid to take risks or not open to new opportunities, there are many ways that our mindset can stunt our financial progress. To change your outlook and begin striding toward positive gains, use crystals for abundance. Crystals for abundance work because they open your mind to be more accepting of opportunities. By increasing your confidence and courage, you’ll stop thinking that you’re not good enough to go for an opportunity. You can’t grow your prosperity without taking a few risks, so crystals for abundance are a necessity to lend you that self-assurance.

There are many crystals for abundance that you can tap into to assist you in this effort, but some rockstars in this department would definitely be pyrite, citrine and hematite. Pyrite is great because it helps you to reflect on how your current approach in your business or career may not be the most effective. Through encouraging to take a new approach, pyrite imbues you with creativity, trust and conviction. Place a piece of pyrite on your business cards to hold the intention of abundance in business.

You can also get grounded by using hematite palm stones in meditation. We call these our “money magnets” because they are so adept at attracting wealth. And when you really want to manifest prosperity, look no further than a citrine point. Write your intention down on a piece of paper, fold it and set a citrine point on top so that it sends the energy of that intention out into the universe.  

Cleansing Your Crystals

Knowing how to cleanse your crystals is just as important as knowing how to use them. If you don’t cleanse your crystals periodically, eventually they will reach a limit for how much energy they can take on and their energy will dull.  There are several different methods that you can use to cleanse your crystals so that doesn’t happen. One fail-safe technique for purifying the energy of your stones is saging. Also known as smudging, saging only requires that you light a stick of dried sage leaves and immerse the crystal in the cleansing smoke. You can also use the power of good old mother nature to reset the energy of your crystals. Simply by laying your crystals out in the direct light of the sun or moon for at least 4 hours, you can cleanse and recharge your crystals.

As long as you are taking the time to connect to your crystals and reaffirm your intentions, you are being proactive about your spiritual journey. That’s what working with crystals is all about. These are tools that you can use to amplify your own personal power. Using crystals to enrich your life should always start with the question, “What can I do to better my mind, body and spirit?” Then select a crystal with the right energy to help you as you pursue the answer. That’s it for this edition of Crystals 101. Until next time, class dismissed!


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    Michele Laube

    This information is all so clearly laid out and makes me excited to get started and become more educated in working with crystals to benefit every aspect of my life.
    Thank you !

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      Thanks for being part of our crystal community!

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    Noel Dixon

    I was thinking about looking into learning about crystals and then I found your website. That was a great explanation and I am looking forward to beginning my journey!!! Thank you.

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      We can’t wait for you to start your crystal journey 🙂

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