Crystal Musings with That’s So Retrograde

Crystal Musings with That's So Retrograde

If there’s one thing you don’t have to tell the hosts of the hit podcast That’s So Retrograde, it’s to keep it real. For hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari, no topic is off limits and no talk is too blunt. These ladies don’t shy away from any aspect of spirituality, whether it be the good, the bad, or the down right ugly–that’s what we LOVE about them. So when they had Energy Muse co-founders, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro on to discuss crystal energy, it got real. Listen to our That’s So Retrograde podcast here. 



Their first podcast since the new administration, Elizabeth and Stephanie tackle issues of accepting the now and approaching your present with creativity and solutions rather than with fear and doubts. Timmi and Heather join the conversation to add insight on how to reframe situations using the energy of the Earth. Being that this is the year of the Rooster, Heather suggests using the Rooster trait of consistency to capitalize on the abundant potential this year can offer.

Of course, crystals can help you do that, but as Heather says,

“You’ve gotta give them a job.”

Command your crystals with an intention, and you will ignite the power within them. Crystals are not magic. The magic is us. It’s humans. Elizabeth and Stephanie bring this point home by relating crystals to your friends who want to help you out. You just have to check your ego at the door, and tell them what you need. As Heather points out, the biggest benefit you can get from this is figuring out where you are and what you want. When you work with crystals, you’re not just helping the crystals to know what you need, you’re helping yourself to see it as well.

Is there a right or wrong way to work with healing crystals?

No,” says Heather. Tap into yourself. The decision to work with crystals and the reason why you’re seeking them out is all you need to begin your journey. Trust your intuition. Don’t think about what you’re supposed to feel. Go with the moment and your innate response to a certain crystal.

What are these crystal vibrations and how do I know they’re working?

Just like how quartz crystal is used in microchips to amplify energy in technology, all crystals vibrate at a level that can raise energy. This is can be a great thing when using crystals with an optimistic attitude, but Heather warns there’s a flip side to that as well. In her home of many, many crystals, Heather expected her family to be blissed out on a daily basis. What she found however, was that fights were being intensified within the home. Then she had an idea. She removed all of the crystals from her house, and cleansed them. Crystals amplify the energy that they are given. If you’re not cleansing them, they will being to store and elevate the negative vibes they receive. Learn more about her ventures with “holistic hoarding.”

What are the best ways for cleansing crystals?

Heather used to always cleanse with sage, but has begun adding frankincense for the extra squeaky clean feel. Other methods include using salt in water and immersing your non-delicate crystals into the solution. You can also let your crystals bask in the energy of the sun. The main thing is to give Earth’s energy back to these Earthly totems. And don’t be afraid to keep it simple!

How often should I cleanse my crystals?

There is no specific formula, it’s situational. When you’re going through things like breakups, fights, changes or just in general when things are hitting the fan, those are the times that you want to be cleansing more often. Instead of letting that energy settle into your home, break it up. Raise the blinds, open a window and burn some sage into the corners, hallways and closets of your home.

Is there a crystal for breaking up stagnant energy?

That depends as well! There are different lines of thought as far as which stones to use for protection and where, but Heather and Timmi have found that using black stones, like obsidian and black tourmaline, on the outside of the home act as shields to negativity. Then placing the soothing and healing energy of stones like amethyst and rose quartz on the inside of the home can instill balance and harmony.

We might not all be politically on the same page, or we might not all make the same kind of money, or go to the same schools, or have different sexual preferences, but we all share the energy of the earth. – Heather Askinosie

Which crystals will work for you?

Everybody is different, and thus will respond differently to each crystal. More than that, everybody is going to respond differently according to what things happening in their life at the time. One crystal you need at one time, may not be the crystal you connect with most at another time. Take love for example. Sometimes you may need something to help you attract love from yourself and others, at which point you’d pick up a rose quartz, but at another time, when you’re grieving the loss of a love, you may want to connect to rainbow obsidian. Consider what you want and what you’re going through before picking your crystal. Older women looking for a more mature love should into the benefits of rhodochrosite. For men, malachite can be a love imbuing stone that increases male empowerment. Get in tune with your needs, and you can cater the crystal to you.

Yoni eggs, let’s talk about it.

Inquiring minds, and of course, Elizabeth and Stephanie, want the inside scoop on what crystal experts have to say about Yoni eggs, egg-shaped crystals for vaginal use. Having used one, Elizabeth details her experience working with jade egg both physically and emotionally. She reports having better orgasms, and being more sexually present with what was going on with her body. Believes using the egg lent intentionality and healing vibes to past traumas. Heather and Timmi’s take? It makes sense that people are drawn to using crystals to relieve trauma since that’s what crystals do so well. Laying carnelian, red jasper or onyx on the body can have a powerful impact on the release of trauma.

How do you set the space?

The best thing you can do to prepare for working with crystals is to set your mind space. Get into the act, and commit to the decision. Whether it’s saging your space, lighting a candle or simply opening your window shades to let the light in, do what you need to in order to get your mind a place of committed relaxation. Working with crystals doesn’t have to mean a bunch of complicated rituals. It can be as easy as taking three minutes to focus on deep, rejuvenating breaths, or just laying a rose quartz on your chest before bed. If you have the willingness to try, you can’t go wrong.

Crystal Ritual for When You Wake Up with the Blah’s:

Have a plan for how you will change you energetic state before you get out of bed, and then hop to it! Shift that first thing in the morning energy with three minutes of intention setting. Get your energy moving with music or stretching. A great practice that Heather recommends is committing to 40 days of a simple morning ritual. Not a tough one, just something you can handle, like looking yourself in the mirror every morning, and saying something nice about yourself. Committing to simple acts for yourself symbolizes a commitment to self betterment. After all, if you can’t commit to yourself, who can you commit to?

Crystals for Before an Important Meeting:

It’s important to be in your body. Before this podcast, for example, Heather and Timmi were way in their heads. To ground their energy, they took three deep breadths, and employed the energy of blue lace agate to aid in them speaking their truth. Everyone needs something specific to aid them in an interview. Figure out how you want to show up to that occasion, and pick your crystal accordingly. Grounding bracelets are especially helpful in bestowing a calm, assured confidence that will keep you in the moment. A lot of the mysticism surrounding Earth magic is propaganda, but Timmi and Heather’s message is keep it simple. Know yourself, and let the crystals help you along your journey.

How can you make it rain with money?

Citrine and jade are great stones for bringing in wealth and abundance. Generally speaking, the yellow and green gemstones are particularly adept in financial efforts. It’s important to remember that it’s not about the crystal leading you to jobs. The crystal just helps you to clear away your crap, so to speak. So often people have opportunities right in front of them, but they allow excuses, fear, distractions, laziness, comfort and a million other things get in the way. Working with these crystals for abundance helps you to clear those blockages away so that you are encouraged to seize opportunities!

Why give crystals as gifts?

Everybody loves a gift that has a meaning. Sure, crystals are affordable, but the intention behind them as a gift is what makes them such a treat to give and receive. Pick a crystal out for someone by thinking about them with the intention of love. See what comes to mind. What colors do you see when you think of them? Pick out a crystal that matches that energy. Just as how meals cooked with love seem to taste better, crystals given with love seem to vibrate with a higher energy. They are received with the energy they are given. You’re not just gifting this person a crystal, your gifting them the energy of your love. That’s what makes crystals great wellness gifts.

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