Create a Crystal Gratitude Bowl This Thanksgiving

Crystal Gratitude Grid + Bowl

Thanksgiving is all about fostering the energy of gratitude, but that can be lost on us when we’re worried about which dish to make or how to quiet disputes around the holiday table. Creating a crystal gratitude bowl for the home will help to infuse the energy of thankfulness within your space and spirit. The crystals that we recommend using in your gratitude bowl carry the energies of love to broaden your awareness of all that you have to be thankful for. This bowl will be the center of your dinner table, holding the space for gratitude.

Even when we know the main things that we appreciate about our lives—our family, friends, passions and careers—taking the time to actually sit down and reflect on all our blessings, can remind us of the good fortune that we’ve taken for granted. Filling your gratitude bowl with loving energy establishes a beautiful visual that will continue to represent the abundance of things that you have to be thankful for.

—Crystal Gratitude Bowl—

What You’ll Need:

  • a bowl
  • 10 rose quartz stones (or enough crystals for one per person at your Thanksgiving dinner table)


  1. Place the bowl at the center of the table.
  2. Distribute your rose quartz stones to every guest before you sit down for dinner.
  3. Have everyone hold their crystal in their hands, and sync with the energy of love and gratitude. Have every person set an intention for something they are grateful for, programming the crystals with your gratitude before you all break bread together. Are you grateful for the nurturing moon, the uplifting flowers, the adventures you go, the encouragement of your friends, the support of your family, the place that gives your warmth and shelter, etc.?
  4. Have everyone place their programmed crystals in the bowl.
  5. After Thanksgiving, set the gratitude bowl in your sacred space, or wherever you’d like your crystals to be. It will hold the space of gratitude for you until your next gathering.



  • Reply November 21, 2017


    Thank you for the idea of the gratitude bowl. I hope that my family will go along with doing this, as they can be shy about anything different. I might just have to create my own bowl before joining them for dinner later in the day.
    It is a wonderful idea – thanks again, and happy Thanksgiving.


    P.S. loving your site.

    • Reply December 5, 2017


      Thank you Lynn! Welcome to our crystal community 🙂

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