Crystal Forecast for 2016

Healing Crystals Forecast for 2016

As a new year begins, the energy of newness, hope and excitement fills the air.  Many people begin setting intentions, starting new regimes and becoming clear on what’s important in their life.

On the Chinese New Year on February 8, the year of the Fire Monkey begins. The characteristics of a Monkey are intelligence, impulsiveness, ambitious, lightheartedness and mischievous. There are a few overall energies that will be present in 2016 due to the energy of the fire monkey.

From a numerical standpoint, 2016 is a nine year (adding 2+0+1+6=9). Symbolically, the number nine is considered a universal number, filled with spiritual energy and completing a cycle. However, as one cycle ends, a new one begins. 2016 is a year of transparency, allowing the truth to set you free. Letting go of people, things or thought forms that are holding you back from moving forward. There is an emphasis on what works and no longer works in our lives, so the mantra “let go and let be” will be crucial to our personal growth.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the home of the Monkey resides in the southwest, which is associated with the woman and matriarchal energy. We will see the energy of the divine feminine grow stronger than ever before–grow in a way that’s filled with grace, kindness and compassion.  As women become clear, centered and strong, they will lead by a soul-filled example that will permeate time and space.

There will also be a greater shift of the consciousness from me to we. With natural disasters and other devastating worldly events forecasted for 2016, it will force us to understand that we all live on the planet Earth, and we will all experience what’s happening on the planet regardless of religious, political and socioeconomic beliefs and status.  2016 is a time to come together and heal as a whole, so finding support in your community is a key component of a stable year.

Lastly, there’s a focus on health, happiness and what that means to us individually. Place greater emphasis on mind power and using meditation to heal the mind, as that will help heal the body to maintain and improve your health this year.


Due to the energies that will be present throughout the year, there are certain healing crystals that will prove to by your allies through 2016. The first crystal that will be extremely helpful in 2016 is rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love. This pink stone reminds us that as we forgive others and our self, we become lighter and happier. It helps us remember to stay focused on nurturing the child within so that we feel whole. When we feel good about ourselves, we no longer feel the need to blame or judge others.

Healing crystal Forecast for 2016Shungite, the stone that has been referred to as the Miracle Stone of the 21st Century, will be extremely helpful in 2016. This is a stone of neutrality. It reminds us when we are out of balance to stop, take a breath and take the time to get centered. Each one of us can change the world, but we must start with first with our self. If we become scattered, angry, frustrated, guilty or depressed, we hold this energy within and emit this energy outward. Shungite helps us to get back on track. It also helps to suck free radicals from the body and assists in shielding us from toxic electromagnetic energy, making it a powerful stone to aid in healing and preventing health issues.

Aquamarine holds the energy and fluidity of the sea within it.  From a classical Feng Shui perspective, the number eight, which brings prosperity, falls into the southwest this year. The southwest is associated with water. Having water in the exterior southwest quadrant of your home, or wearing the energy of water in the form of aquamarine, will be very auspicious this year.

Meditation is the ultimate power for 2016. Holding a piece of quartz crystal or selenite elevates your meditation practice. These are highly evolved stones with a high vibration. They help to clear the mind of clutter and negative self-talk. Staying in a place of calmness and balance will bring true wealth in 2016.

Lastly, embrace the energy of angelite, the stone of angels. It helps to attract angels and to remind you that you are never alone. It gives a gentle and loving reminder that we are all spiritual beings of light having a human experience. Humans put labels on things based on race, religion, politics, beliefs, food etc. The angels just love— no labels needed. Angelite is a gentle stone with a loving message.  At the end of the day, love is what we all want.

2016 will be an exciting year filled with transparency, planetary evolvement, new scientific advancements, endings and beginnings, reemergence of the divine feminine, mental power and oneness. Our common connection is that we all live on this planet earth. The energy of the earth holds information, spiritual wisdom and calmness. Hold onto healing crystals—pieces of the Earth— in 2016 to make it a year filled of transformation, protection, prosperity, health and love.


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  • Reply January 21, 2016

    Chrystallynn Block

    Thank you for your contribution to women like me. I’m new to the world of meditation and holistic living. So finding this post at this time has really shed light on the energy I’ve been encountering so far this year. I look forward to more! I’m a official follower now.


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  • Reply January 28, 2016


    Basically it is associated with the Throat chakra and thus it helps overcome the fear of speaking. Teachers and presenters are using it worldwide as it simply relaxes the speakers to a stage of consciousness. Not only you can speak clearly, but also control anger in difficult situations. Besides, it is also known to accelerate the intellectual reasoning process. Thus, making you unconquerable through learning about the physical world and yourself too!

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