Crystal Energy Gifts that Everyone Will Love

crystal energy gifts

Shopping for the holidays can be just as daunting as it is exciting and fun. You want to give everyone a meaningful, thoughtful gift, but you also want him or her to enjoy it wholeheartedly.

We’ve rounded up our most popular pieces that will be sure to please anyone and everyone on your shopping list.

Power Wrap for WomenPower WrapThe energy of this piece shifts our focus onto the power within ourselves. It grounds the wearer and encourages strength and transformation to achieve any goal. Made with nine unique stones, this piece gives the wearer a little bit of everything. Its wrap style also makes it casual enough for everyday wear.

Protection WrapOne of the most popular themes people come to Energy Muse for is protection from negative energy. Whether it’s because people are surrounded by negativity at work or they’ve accumulated negative energy because of a current situation, the protection wrap will not only help them release negative emotions which brings peace and freedom, but also provides an energetic field around the body.

element braceletsElements CollectionEveryone love’s reading their horoscope in the back of a magazine or with a phone app. Each of the bracelets in the elements line connects to each of the different four elements of the zodiac—earth, water, fire and air‑ as well as metal added for stability. You can chose a bracelet depending on the astrological sign of who you are giving it to, providing them with energy that was thoughtfully selected based on their birthday. Wearing the energy associated with their sign, will strengthen the qualities they have within themselves.

Prosperity BraceletThe combination of jade and three Chinese coins tied with a red string has been used since ancient times in China to encourage prosperity, wealth and luck in all aspects of life. Not only is the one of our best-sellers, but everyone can use an extra boost of prosperity in their life.

large crystals

Large CrystalsLarge crystals not only look beautiful, but they also provide a major energetic shift in the space, making them a great gift for anyone. Large crystals have the capability to raise the vibrations of a space and offer people a different way to experience the benefits of healing crystals.

Selenite CrystalsWe always recommend that everyone has selenite. It is the best crystal for energy cleansing, space clearing and removing negative energy. It also helps to align the chakras, promote physical healing and encourage deep sleep. Selenite makes a great gift for anyone, and is a great crystal to have in your home during the holidays when you are going to have a lot of people moving in and out of your space, to dispel any negative energy that is brought in.

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    Among all the above, the beautiful combination of jade and three Chinese coins seems to be a perfect piece to adorn for the Christmas season. It comes tied with a red string, which makes it suitable for different attires. For those who want prosperity, wealth and luck, altogether, it serves to be a great deal.

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