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crystal bar

Welcome to the healthiest happy hour around, the Energy Muse Crystal Bar! No matter what your mind, body and soul are in need of today, we have a crystal elixir of healing stones to help. Simply carrying tumbled stones, or wearing crystal jewelry, is the easiest, effective way of benefiting from crystal energy. You can create custom combinations of tumbled stones, or “crystal prescriptions”, as a gentle, holistic healing method with no side effects. And the combinations of crystals are endless; when you feel a particular problem flaring up, turn to the “crystal bar” and let these crystal elixirs be your solution to all your problems:

crystal bar

Enlightened Ade for Spirituality: A scoop of Lapis Lazuli, generous portion of Amethyst, dash of Rutilated Quartz and a sprinkle of Quartz Crystal. Connect to your spiritual guardian and a higher trust, encouraging spiritual growth. It will help you clear your mind and connect more with your feelings, while providing wisdom and shielding negative energy.

Yin and Yang for Balance: Equal scoops of Hematite and Fluorite, splash of Chrysocolla and a dash of Aquamarine. Seeking physical and emotional balance? These healing stones will bring you purity and harmony. Keeping you balanced and calm, and offering peace and solace during times of change or transition, these crystals will help you resonate with calming energy in perfect balance.

Fountain of Youth for WellnessHeap of Turquoise, mound of Angelite, scoop of Amazonite and a splash of Blue Lace Agate. For calmness and healing, embrace this crystal elixir. It will bring about powerful healing, health, and wellness, along with protective energies. These healing crystals will nurture honest communication and acceptance of emotions, calming your nerves and promoting healthy, peaceful energy.

Green Machine for Wealth and Success: Handful of Aventurine, heaping scoop of Green Jade, generous splash of Malachite and a dollop of Citrine. For embracing abundance, success, and courage, the Green Machine is your positive transformation, offering stimulation and cleansing. These healing stones allow you to release negative experiences that are holding you back from wealth and success and will help you focus on your goals and longevity.

Sipping on Sunshine for HappinessHeap of Citrine, scoop of Yellow Jasper, pinch of Ocean Jasper and a garnish of Pyrite. For a burst of happiness and a punch of positivity, Sipping on Sunshine is the perfect crystal cocktail. This blend will create clarity and warmth, joy and optimism. You will enjoy a stronger mind, fewer negative feelings, healing, and confidence when you partake of the delightful Sipping on Sunshine crystal cocktail.

Inspiratini for Creativity: Scoop of Blue Apatite, spoonful of Carnelian, dash of Tiger’s Eye and a pinch of Goldstone. When you need creativity, energy, confidence, and optimism, try the Inspiratini. It helps bring courage, vitality, and new opportunities. Your inner talents will be awakened and your insight will be intensified. You will be motivated to create with a clear mind and embrace the abundance that is coming your way.

Passionate Punch for Love: Liberal portion of Rose Quartz, heap of Rhodonite, hefty handful of Jade and a dash of Fuchsite. To tap into your deep feelings of compassion and unconditional love, partake in the rosy Passionate Punch. It encourages joyfulness and relaxation, while opening your heart to the love that is all around you. It clears anger and resentment, making the way for forgiveness, empathy, and patience.

Crystal Bar

Energy Muse Crystal Bar

If you are local to Torrance, California, come to the Energy Muse showroom to experience our one of a kind Crystal Bar! It is exclusive to our showroom, and not available anywhere else yet. At the Crystal Bar, you can customize your own crystal energy bracelet, choosing all your favorite healing crystals to tailor the energy to your needs. Choose from over 30 healing stones, along with spiritual charms and symbols. You can also customize your own crystal intention bag filled with your favorite tumbled stones. Make custom, spiritual gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays or just for fun! Once you make one, you won’t want to stop. Kids are welcome as well. To learn more information about the Crystal Bar in the Energy Muse showroom, call us at (310) 787-8443.


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    This is so cool! Do you know of any place in New York City that does something similar?

    • Reply April 19, 2016


      Thank you for the kind words! To our knowledge, there is not a place in NY that does the same thing. Sorry about that!

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