Create a Sacred Space in Your Home

Sacred Space

Tomorrow officially marks the start of November, and that means we are one step closer to the holiday season—often times the busiest time of the year. When our lives become so busy and stressful that we can barely find time for ourselves, we often forget about the healing power of silence and peacefulness. Throughout your day to day activities out in the world, it is impossible to control the level of noise or the events that happen around you. But when you are at home, you have the opportunity to create a sacred space to detach from your hectic life and just be. Creating a sacred space to set your intentions, and just have some “me time,” is extremely important to our wellbeing.

You may be thinking, what does a sacred space look like? Sacred will mean something completely different to everyone, and that is the power of creating a sacred space. Think about what it means to you. What would you like to see in this space? What things create a peaceful environment for you, helping to calm and ground your energy? Find the little things that lift your mood and connect you with your spirituality.

Once you have visualized what your sacred space will look like, you will need to find a space! It doesn’t have to be an entire room or a very large area. It can be a corner of your room, atop your dresser or a little spot on a table that you have created just for you. Find the items that are most personal and meaningful to you. It could be candles, crystals, spiritual symbols, singing bowls, photos, knickknacks—whatever items you are most connected with. This space should feel inspirational and peaceful. You should feel completely comfortable and at one in this sacred space. Spend some time figuring out where you want things placed, rearranging your space until it is just right.

At Energy Muse, along with our personal items, we all like to incorporate a few important products into our sacred space. The first thing we like to use is a candle. Choose a candle and scent that you like, one that relaxes your mind and makes you feel at peace. Next, incorporate your favorite healing crystals. Choose the ones that you feel that most connected with. Place them around our candle to magnify your wishes and intentions, or hold them in your hands. Another must have item for our sacred space is our Sage Cleansing Set and Selenite Cleansing Crystal. It is very important to cleanse your sacred space often to maintain its pure, peaceful and positive energy. You also want to make sure that the crystals in your space are cleansed so that they radiate the highest vibration. The Selenite Cleansing Crystal is the perfect way to cleanse your crystals without having to remove them from your space. We also like to incorporate singing bowls and angel cards into our sacred space, as well as our favorite one of a kind crystals.

When you are done creating your personal sacred space, create a ritual of using it each and everyday. This could mean meditating in it for a few minutes each morning when you wake up, or just sitting with your eyes closed when you come home from work. Use this sacred space to set your intentions for your crystals and crystal jewelry! Making time for this easy ritual everyday will bring peacefulness and healing energy into your life. It is very simple, yet brings big rewards.

Inspired by Debbie Woodbury’s 5 Tips for Creating Sacred Space


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